1. G

    Audio 20 - USB Tracks

    Hi Everyone, I have an Audio 20 system with MapPilot in my 2012 C Class. I'm very happy with it and the sound is great. I've been using the USB port quite a lot and have noticed that tracks that I had previously had on the stick but I have since deleted still play when I randomise the track...
  2. S

    load cover pin and tracks

    Above images are of LHS and RHS pins that locate the rear load cover does the LHS one look broken off? My cover does not behave well and often falls out of tracks. If it is this part anyone know the repair or part number please?
  3. Horrgakx

    How do you stop COMAND auto-playing tracks?

    This is bugging me - I've copied MP3's onto the internal hard drive and they play fine. However when I pause the track (by pressing the volume roller inwards) and get out of the car, when I get back in and start up it auto-plays. Is it possible to stop the car auto-playing?? The car is a...
  4. po55kit

    USB audio on A180: keeps skipping tracks!

    Ayup. I have recently taken delivery of a new A180, a great car all round, but the aforementioned does annoy me. I have a long playlist of tracks on a USB stick which is plugged in beneath the centre armrest. Occasionally, when a new track comes on, it will skip it immediately and move...
  5. C

    NTG2: Max tracks on MP3 CD in Multi Player

    Having spent much time selecting and then burning MP3 formatted tracks to CDs for the glove box Multi CD player in the late 2008 W209 CLK, I find the maximum number of MP3 tracks shown in COMAND for each such CD is 99 tracks. Is this a display or a player limitation? - viz although there are...
  6. N

    Any good racing tracks near North London?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if you have any preferences or any specific recommendations about racing tracks near where I live (North London), as I am so anxious in doing a race track with my E63 SO that I could explore what the car really can do... I would love to hear your views...
  7. R

    Lubricating the seat tracks

    I was watching a Mercedes Source video on YouTube ( and he mentions greasing the seat tracks. I have an R129 and was wondering if 1) This is possible and recommended on that model and 2) What oil or grease to use, where to apply?
  8. W

    number of mp3 tracks supported on USB via media interface

    Hi, I am shortly going to have fitted a NTG2.5 in a W203 (Thanks to the guys at Comand's for tracking down a 6-DVD unit) and wondering how many MP3 tracks is supported on a USB stick via the Media Interface. I have read that a figure of 1000 tracks but is this per USB device or per folder on...
  9. B

    Music Register jumbles tracks

    I've managed to get cds onto the Music Register - however, when I search and then play an album it randomly plays tracks for various albums ... I don't have random selected ... any clues?
  10. C

    how does my car know the names of tracks?

    Hey all, wondering if anyone could help me figure out this mystery! Recently had a new c220 125 edition with comand, I love the car to bits, and I love the sat nag, but something really confuses me. (it's not a bad confusion don't worry) When I plug in my iPod into the centre console, it...
  11. Godot

    Railroad Tracks... Interesting (from an email)

    Railroad Tracks... Interesting Who Knew?? All makes sense in the end as you will clearly see Railroad tracks. The US standard railroad gauge (distance between the rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches. That's an exceedingly odd number. Why was that gauge used? Because that's the way...
  12. SL300-24

    Comand only reads 99 Tracks?

    When I burn an MP3 disc and put it in my 6 disc changer, Comand only reconises 99 tracks. Is there a way round this by organising the files differently? Nothing too technical please........
  13. M

    Norad tracks Santa. Hours of amusement. I liked the task of lighting the Xmas tree.
  14. T

    Nissan GT-R recognizes tracks via GPS and removes speed limiter

    Nissan GT-R recognizes tracks via GPS and removes speed limiter from Autoblog We know that the Nissan GT-R's ECU wizardry is impressive, but this little tidbit left us in awe. According to our friends over at the GTChannel, the GT-R's integrated computer limits the vehicle's speed in Japan to...
  15. N

    CD changer only plays 99 MP3 Tracks

    I loaded my CD changer with 6 CD's with MP3 tracks on them, this weekend. I've noticed that only 99 tracks are seen on the Comand APS unit and only 99 tracks play. The changer then goes onto the next disk. Small problem I know and in future I'll only put 99 tracks on the CD. In the mean...
  16. R

    Fantastic Tracks!

    I've recently bought some Bose speakers (Thankyou;)) and am compiling a CD of tracks with extraordinary clarity, or effects in order to demonstrate them. What tracks would you recomend from a demonstrration point of view?
  17. P

    Lost tracks in Windows Media Player library

    Evening :) I went through the pain of converting my CD collection to disk last year. I used audiograbber with the same settings for all of it. However I have reloaded my libraries on a few of my machines and seem to be missing tracks. Has anyone else found this / What do you use to play...
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