1. merc85

    Derv trade in for New MB

    Mercedes-Benz UK diesel car trade-in scheme
  2. A

    Consumer rights when buying from trade

    A couple of issues have come up recently, which, while not terribly costly (in the scheme of things!), don't seem very ethical for a trade sale. I agreed a price eventually which was presented as is with a couple of known minor faults. The email with the invoice contained the language "All...
  3. J

    Trade Prices / What's it worth?

    First of all, this isn't a for sale thread. I'm currently looking to sell/trade my 2005 C220 Avantgarde Estate for something smaller and a bit more fun to drive as i no longer need such a large car. I found a nice BMW 330 Clubsport up for £4,000 at a garage but they are only willing to give...
  4. steve333

    Essex trade cars

    Hi all,has anyone used Essex trade cars of Chelmsford,if so any feedback would be appreciated as they have a car I might be interested in but they're over 160 miles away so don't want to make the journey unless it's worthwhile!
  5. C180CGI

    Can i drive a car under yellow trade slip?

    Got a quick question, can I drive a car under yellow slip temporary for around 10 days if the slip is not registered under my name, a mates name who if I get pulled over can confirm its him etc.
  6. M

    Anyone want my c63 before i trade her in.

    So im seriously considering trading in my white c63 coupe at audi this weekend its a 2014 (registered nov 2014 64 plate) its got just over 5000miles on the clock and i bought it new (outright so theres no outstanding finance etc)Extras include 19" black amg alloys, Reversing camera, comand...
  7. E270 Owner

    Workshop horror/funnies/scams (Trade)

    I thought it might be fun to share some funnies, scams or horror stories from the trade sides perspective, not sure if others will join in though. !! So recently, before xmas this came in. After nearly 9 months a customer proudly returned to us their car stating the clutch had gone "again" and...
  8. poormansporsche

    MSL Trade Centre ???

    Mercedes-Benz 320 3.2 3dr Is this to do with Acid ?? He should know better :)
  9. C

    Auto Trade Buyer

    My A Class is currently advertised with Autotrader and this morning I received a text message from a company called They've offered me near the asking price, I realise there will be some negotiation over the price based on the condition of the car should I invite them to...
  10. abecketts

    IP trade mark lawyers

    Any IP/Trademark layers on the forum? Please PM me as i'd like to ask a question. Thanks Paul
  11. grober

    Time for a trade in?

    Russian gentleman trades in old banger for a newer model?? BBC News - Russia's Vladimir Putin and wife Lyudmila divorce The newer model-- a former gymnast evidently. ;) shame! :(
  12. I

    Holly Tree Trade Sales Nuneaton

    Just thought I'd share my experience with these guys. Looking for a CLS55 as people may know so made an enquiry. The usual thing - condition of car, any damage, brakes done recently etc. Illiterate email back ignoring all questions - "stuning car mate, come look". I explained I lived some 200...
  13. developer

    Options At Trade In Time - A Main Dealer Speaks

    Chatting to the salesman as my MOT was being done. He says only four options add value at resale time (relating to E Class). Can you guess all four? I should say, one was a bit odd and not applicable in many cases
  14. M

    Trade 323i for C220 CDi

    I will be trading in my 99 E46 petrol BMW 323i for a facelift C220CDi in the morning. I'm so excited I can't sleep... Good bye Beemer
  15. Silver CL55

    Anyone want to trade my CLS 19" AMG VI's for your CLS 18" AMG V's?

    Wheels only with cash my way These are mine only in 19" These are what I am looking for
  16. Silver CL55

    Anyone want to trade my CLS 19" AMG VI's for your CLS 18" AMG V's?

    Wheels only with cash my way These are mine only in 19" These are what I am looking for
  17. robert.saunders

    I did trade in my old Mondeo 2.2 Titanium X

    For a 2010 Titanium X Sport 2.0 Ecoboost Powershift Sorry
  18. Borys

    Will trade wheels for tyres

    Anyone interested? Need 4 used 255/45/18 good brand,not budget Want to get rid of my 20's
  19. D

    World wide w123 owners i need your eyes for a WTB TRADE. BBS RS for 15inch bundts

    So whos game? I have BBS RS staggered wheels/ and newer C class wheels for trade/sale. All i want is either TWO metric 15.3 390 bundts or a set of four 15 inch bundts any brand. Basically the reason why i would do such a crazy trade is because i had a set of perfect 390 metric...
  20. Satch

    Cashless Scrap Metal Trade Petition

    One of the few ePetitions worth a damn and whilst it might not stop it wholly, certainly going to put a crimp in the pernicious trade. "Due to a significant rise in value, metal has become a much sought after commodity. This increased demand has resulted in a sharp rise in metal theft...
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