1. V

    £55,000 C63 Black LHD on auto trader

    Superstrada motors have a red C63 BS for 55K. Seems extremely cheap considering cheapest RHD is circa 79K.. Not ideal for UK but cheap. Saying that, does anyone know the laws on importing cars from UK to UAE?
  2. merc85

    e55k w211 Auto trader Any input?

    What are peoples thoughts on this one? Do you think it's had abit of paint? Silver cars are a nightmare and dont mind if a car has had paint but not if its not matched well. Mercedes-Benz E Class 5.4 E55 AMG 4dr Shame Garage seems ok review wise, was wondering if it was worth a look :dk:
  3. developer

    Sale Of Car To A Trader

    A trader wants to buy Dad's car from off the drive (it's no longer used as his eyes are failing). He has asked us to fill in the yellow trader part of the log book so that it doesn't show any more owners - Dad was the first. Is that ok/legal etc.
  4. e55nick

    CLS55 AMG on Auto trader

    Does this belong to a forum member? Looks nice, but I don't know a lot about these. Are they much different to E55's? Mercedes-Benz CLS CLS55 4dr Auto 5.4
  5. S

    Admin Contact - Forum Trader

    Hi can a member of forum ADMIN contact us regarding becoming a forum Trader. Email - [email protected] Phone - 01603 901 820 Kind Regards Gary @ SNT
  6. MWCLS

    Trader policy recomendations

    I'm as a side line, want to buy and sell used cars... well the lower end of the market say upto 7.5k. My current insurers do not offer trader policies. I would effectively be a sole trader, based in the IG postcode area from home, can anyone recommend a reputable company. I've had a few...
  7. S

    Would you buy a car from a trader who had more than one really poor review

    I won't make this a long post on a Saturday evening,so,to précis: Trader has a car I like. A little google research brings up(in the first three results) a disappointed customer(not the only one). Seems he bought a car(and not a cheap one) that had a bucket full of problems. Tried to resolve...
  8. m2287

    Bought car from trader and engine has gone in less than 150 miles

    OK so Last Monday (03/12/12) I px'd my c200kompressor with £130 cash for an auto bmw 320d compact (was up for sale for £2500). I did this with someone who had taken the car in trade and took my car in as trade. He operates from his home, and gave me a hand written invoice. I have done less...
  9. AMG-Al

    Motor trader or not??

    Does anyone know if there is a specific rule/requirement to declare yourself as a motor trader on ebay (or indeed anywhere)? I was looking a car today from your average ebay seller, but it turns out he has feedback for 10 cars over the last year and currently has 5 for sale. All his feedback...
  10. timskemp

    My old W211 is on Trader...

    Found my E class on autotrader, so if anyones looking for an E270 that's had a recent transmission overhaul and has new radiator and a recent alternator, and four recent tyres and a full Hunter alignmnent there's one in West Brom.
  11. S

    auto trader private seller idiots!!

    been to look at 2 cars now from private sellers off autotrader first one agreed a price for a E270 CDi and then pulled out a few hours later just before the agreed exchange cos his new car would be about 4 weeks till delivery 2nd one today- 3 series bmw :ban: has had the car up for sale for a...
  12. The _Don

    Old auto trader site

    Hi all i had a link to the older style autotrader web site but it now directs me to the current site have they finally pulled the plug on the old syle site ?
  13. flango

    Genuine South African Auto Trader Advert

  14. NW_Merc

    What criteria must I fulfil in order to advertise as a trader on this forum?

    Hi all, Just wondering what I need to do in order to be considered eligible to put an advert in the trader's section for a new business? Cheers :)
  15. X

    Auto Trader

    Have Auto Trader gone back to using the old site.....visited it today and appeared so......much easier to search on and less time consuming than the "new site". Glad to see that they may have come to thier senses!!
  16. M

    HELP - Motor Trader Advice needed

    About 7 weeks ago I bought a E320 CDI for £12,000. Today I had it serviced by my local indie and much to my dismay they tell me that both rear springs are broken and I need a new auxilliary battery. Total cost to put right approx £330. The Indy reckoned the springs had been broken for some...
  17. coupe deville

    Auto Trader on line descriptions

    why does AutoTrader allow advertisers to "manipulate" the facts. If I pick up to 50,000 miles in the drop down box, up comes loads of cars with mileages like 88, 56, 97 with the 000 missing. :devil: Also the first few screens are filled with cars costing £75 :devil: :devil: These little dodges...
  18. P

    This CLK500 just popped up on the Trader

    This 2002 (52) Tanzanite blue CLK500 just popped up on Autotrader. It looks good, low miles (48000) with full Benz history up at £8995. I spoke to the trader he is sending me pics of the service history and more of the car interior/engine etc. The Ad says AMG kit, but I am not sure it does (can...
  19. tromppost

    Turning Back the Clock: The Life and Times of a Motor Trader

    Has any one read "Turning Back the Clock, The Life and Times of a Motor Trader" by Jeff Owen. I am only a third of the way through but its an interesting start. You can get it from Amazon for less than £5.
  20. Satch

    Soc. Gen. trader lost Eur5.5bn due to stress

    A tragic tale: "Kerviel was known to start work as early as nine in the morning and still be at his desk at five or even five-thirty, often with just an hour and a half for lunch. One colleague said: "He was, how you say, une workaholique. I have a family and a mistress so I would leave...
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