1. D

    Company car tax (trading up)?

    Hi all, I have a new job which comes with a company car. Unfortunately, the car scheme is different to what I am used to so I am trying to work out what my costs will be. I know how company car tax is calculated but how is it calculated when you 'trade up'? I can contribute towards the cost of...
  2. grober

    Trading in for a newer model

    Comedian and Petrolhead Rowan Atkinson is trading his old model for a newer one. Rowan Atkinson set for ?quickie? divorce after leaving wife of 24 years for 32 year-old actress Louise Ford What is the attraction for good looking women of men of a certain age. Is it that sensuous bulge in...
  3. pagzzy

    Thinking of trading in the e350 and back to the c63

    Hi guys it's been a while on here ...... I was wondering if you guys know what the rough part exchange price is for well spec e350 Cdi 125 sport edition. I originally had a c63 amg and went for this as my head was in control now just 3 months in my heart is begging for a v8 .... So I am...
  4. akhan48

    Trading in the C63

    It is with great sadness that next Thursday I will be parting with my C63, after 20 months of ownership. All kinds of things have lead to this, mainly getting married last year and getting a big mortgage. I can still afford to run it, but I'd like to have a balance in my life, holidays, doing...
  5. A

    Trading in with a fault

    Hi, I've decided to take everyone's advice and I'm going to trade my car in but my question is can I trade it in with the SRS warning still present or will it need to be fixed first? I know stealers build in a margin for repairs but am I likely to loose out majorly on trade in value with an...
  6. Noodle-Pulp

    Trading Names / Business Names

    Hi, Does anyone have any first hand knowledge about trading name disputes please? My wife is about to start a new venture - she has the domain name she wanted to setup the business as, she's also opened a trading account with the bank. Today.. lo and behold she's discovered there's someone...
  7. gaz_l

    Trading in.. advice sought.

    Just a quick one to bounce around and see what people think.. I have too many cars (currently 4). The SLK, an Impreza estate (2000/W), a Fiat Panda (1993/K) and a Fiat Barchetta (1995/M), which is currently in storage. I drive them all the most, SWMBO walks to work. The Panda is really her...
  8. culpano

    Thinking of getting trading standards involved or even a solicitor -please advice

    Thinking of getting trading standards involved or even a solicitor -please advise <edited out due to me being an idiot>
  9. Tan

    Day Trading

    Hi I am looking at day trading with penny shares to start, can anyone here recommend a simulator to get to grips with things before investing real money. Regards Tan
  10. J

    Trading down to older E class from new C Class

    It looks like I need to raise some cash unexpectedly, so I'm going to have to sell my beloved Nov' 2005 C 180k Sport Edition estate auto in gorgeous diamond black. Haven't even done 7k miles in it yet! Depending on what I get for it I'll be looking to get a post '99 face lift E Class estate to...
  11. S

    Are you insane trading an S500 for a Honda Accord Tourer?

    Somehow it makes perfect sense (running costs, reliability, service, tourer=family space, spec etc) But on the other I'm losing a S500 AMG wheels, 0-60 in just over 6 seconds... Need a reality check before its too late!
  12. GrahamC230K

    MB Blackpool - trading on eBay!

    Never would have believed it.
  13. SEM

    Business Trading Help?

    Other than companies house (which are not always upto date) is there any other way of fing out if a Ltd business is still trading? :confused: Any help would be much appreciated
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