1. M

    R129 500sl Overheating in Traffic

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the club. I'm having an overheating problem with my car when in traffic the temperature goes up to 115. So far I replaced the water pump, radiator, thermostat, all three switches, viscous fan, belt, tensioner. I also done the test for CO2. There's no coolant...
  2. J

    2014 W220 coupe traffic alerts

    I have the radio with the sat nav and command etc. I have about 6 stations pre set - radio 2, classic fm, a couple of local BBC stations, jazz fm etc. The only time I get the traffic reports is from classic fm. When they have a traffic report on their station it cuts into my CD or mp3 but no...
  3. O

    UK Traffic Provider - SD card check

    ...I've got an EBAy SD card (v6 with v8 software) that will NOY show traffic info... says no subscription.. Merc say it should but dont know why not... So i wonder if someone who has a working one could send me the XMl file (trafficprovider.xml) to compare big ask ...but it might hellp...
  4. X

    Live traffic alerts/updates

    I have a S205 C250 Sport Premium. We used to get these updates, i.e. when on a route it would tell us that there was a holdup ahead and should it divert? However, we had issues with our first two satnav screens and ended up with a third, now reliable(ish) screen. But without the live traffic. I...
  5. brucemillar

    TFR (Traffic Film Remover) Staining on Black Gloss Trims

    Folks Apologies if this has been asked before (I did a search). My Wife's new X5 has been treated to a wash, at some point in it's past) using TFR. This has developed an 'oily film' stain on the window pillar trims. It is resisting all efforts to remove it. I have tried. Meg's glass cleaner...
  6. markjay

    Digital Air Traffic Control Tower

    London City first UK airport to get remote digital air traffic control - BBC News
  7. ShaunB

    Traffic Subscription

    Guys The car I currently have(2014 E63) originally came from the UK mainland. The live tom tom traffic information messages are all still mainland based messages, which is not much use to me. Does anyone know how you make it change location, so that it is N.I based? I don't see anything...
  8. geek

    COmand Tom Tom traffic alerts

    Hi, Can anyone advise whether the 3 year subscription that comes with the W222 comand for traffic updates etc can be extended. I assume it can. On previous mercedes there was no subscription and traffic updates were free. A friend has one and is concerned that it runs out soon and doesn't...
  9. C180AMG71

    Live Traffic Info expired.

    I got an email today from the local dealer which says the following: "We hope that you have enjoyed using our "Live Traffic Information" service. We are writing to inform you that your three years' free subscription of "Live Traffic Information" will soon expire". If I don't renew this...
  10. D

    Live traffic in command online - Is it worth it?

    Hello everyone, I have recently purchased a C63 2014 , i have just had an email from the dealer regarding my subscription for live traffic information is coming to an end. It is worth having this ? Does it work, everyone seems to use Waze now. Package is £39 for one year, or 89 for 3.
  11. B

    GLE traffic sign assist

    Hi guys I need some help I have taken my GLE abroad and everytime I switch it on there is a warning from the traffic sign assist Obviously this is due to me being in a different country Therefore I wanted to know how can I disable it? I am even happy to disable the sat nav completely...
  12. X

    Live traffic updates

    I've had issues with the satnav on our S205 Sport Premium, resulting in the unit being replaced a couple of times under warranty. All seems to be settled now, except that we no longer receive live traffic updates. My dealer generally just scratches his head and offers no solution, but I'm...
  13. PXW

    Traffic announcements

    Given that the Comand satnav picks up traffic problems I don't usually want to listen to radio traffic bulletins, so I generally keep the TA box unticked on the radio control. But every so often it seems to select TA by itself, which I only find out when something I'm listening to gets...
  14. E

    Garmin Sat Nav Live Traffic

    I've had a C Class with the Garmin factory fitted Sat Nav for last year, live traffic notifications worked fine until recently. Now when I check traffic it says searching but never provides results. Checked the subscription screen and it shows as a 3 year subscription and is active. Anyone else...
  15. Jocky

    Help from W/S 213 owners - traffic notifications

    Hi I am trying to get to the bottom of a number of issues with the latest COMAND release in the new E class, specifically around the LiveTraffic and traffic announcements. Could other 213 owners (doesn't matter if saloon or estate, though mine is an estate) let me know if a) when TA is...
  16. Oxonmb

    Traffic warnings

    Anyone else lost traffic build ups on their command system? went about 2 weeks ago.
  17. Rosso1

    Internet traffic company Dyn

    I am sure now some of you have had issues connecting to your favorite sites. Hopefully we are going to be ok here though. What site have you had issues with? How bad do you see this issue getting?
  18. E

    Live traffic in command online

    Does anyone know if the activation of the live traffic function that comes with command online is done when the Mercedes me is set up I am still waiting for dealer and or MB to activate my me connect account but want to know if this will activate live traffic as well
  19. Alfie

    Anyone encountered any ridiculous road closures / traffic systems?

    It seems to me that pretty much everywhere I drive these days there are roadworks of some sort or another. Not only do these take an inordinate length of time to complete (job preservation I suspect), they are often il-timed and badly planned. Reading. Not a town I have ever liked mainly...
  20. D

    Traffic Cops!

    Driving on the M6 today coming home from Manchester. In the middle lane doing around 65mph. About 50 yds behind an HGV on the inside lane. BMW X5 police car passes me on the outside doing maybe 70-75mph No flashing lights. AS SOON as he passes me he crosses the 2 lanes (pulling first...
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