1. N

    Becker Traffic Pro or Blaupunkt Travelpilot?

    Hi All, Title says it all really. I was 'this close' to getting a TTG, but then decided to go for a 1-DIN head unit for a tidier look. So, any comments observations or recommendations? Many thanks
  2. V12

    Becker Traffic Pro Sat Nav 4730

    Single DIN unit so will fit any car in direct replacement for existing stereo. Complete set-up - In-Car Sat/Nav CD/Radio. This originally was from a ford, the unit is in full working order and in excellent condition. The system is boxed and contains the GPS antenna and some fitting...
  3. Sp!ke

    LA traffic control Click on plane to see altitude and aircraft type. I wouldnt want to be controlling that lot...
  4. SEM

    WiFi wages war on traffic jams

    From T3 gadget magazine …with a little help from the German government. Can the power of WiFi keep streets congestion-free? The German government is launching a scheme that’ll use WiFi technology in an effort to seriously curb traffic congestion, resulting in a country full of...
  5. Flyer

    Helicopter Traffic Enforcement (!!)

    'Twas a fine day on Saturday, so me and g/f, for once without children, decided to have a blast over the Cat and Fiddle (otherwise known as A537) to Buxton and down to Bakewell and onto the A6 for lunch at a place called Rowsley. Fantastic driving roads. Saw a gorgeous Morgan Aero8 being driven...
  6. GrahamC230K

    Helicopter Traffic Enforcement??

    I was on the A6 in the Peaks and saw on one stretch of road a few signs warning of Police Helicopter Traffic Enforcement!? Never heard of this! Is there a Helicopter detector available for the Road Angel? LOL
  7. anarchy-inc

    Audio 10 traffic

    Ok, I am I stupid or am I missind something? :D For the life of me, I cannot get any traffic announcements on my Audio 10 radio. After reading the cryptic manual, I gather that when the text TP is blacked out, I will not receive traffice announcements. No matter what I do, whether listening...
  8. aka$h

    Becker Traffic Pro

    Becker Traffic Pro NAVIGATION UNIT CD Player, 1 Din Navigation, GPS antenna, Navi-CD Rom, Voice guidance Female, Male, Double FM-tuner, Double RDS, PTY, decoder-Diversity PROLW/AM/FM/SW, Dynamic Auto Store, Sual pre out 4x 3VRMS, SUB/CENTER Line Out 3VRMS - phone audio in, 4 x 30 watt...
  9. M

    BECKER Traffic Pro SAT NAv,minidisc changer & phone kit

    BECKER Traffic Pro SAT NAv,minidisc changer & phone kit - SOLD Hi all Following installaton of comand I am looking to sell my 2 year old Becker Traffic Pro Sat Nav (Be 4720) with the latest version 6 Update Nav map,(copy) with Post code address entry and full UK & Europe map on 1 cd. plus a...
  10. Koolvin

    Traffic Cops!

    Sorry Dave. Decided to stay at home with folks this friday and have a little pre-rest just before Christmas parties commence... anyway I went to get a Pizza, the Merc was blocked in by my sisters MG so I took the Micra. 1st Thing that came into my mind was Dave Elcome as he had been giving...
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