1. TheGrocer

    TrafficMaster YQ2 service being withdrawn!!

    Shock Horror For some 10 years I have enjoyed using the Trafficmaster YQ system which has got me out of many traffic jams. The little grey box that sits in my car has warned me of many traffic jams over the years but from 2011 the service is being discontinued. Having paid the £150 for the box...
  2. stats007

    Navteq TeleAtlas for Becker Trafficmaster?

    Does anyone have the latest TeleAtlas for a Becker Trafficmaster? My version 8.0 disc 2 has died :( .
  3. Guy

    SmartNav by TrafficMaster

    Satellite navigation with tailback avoidance, the option of GPS fixed camera warning, Tracker system. Unit is £499, then annual subs or pay as you go... Demo here If I add up the cost of Comand (Dynamic Routing still not up and running), OBi, and Tracker Horizon...this looks like a...
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