1. S

    AMG 3 Hour Basic Training

    Hi all, just booked my training at Brooklands and thought I'd ask what you thought of the experience and also what car to choose? I've provisionally booked the C63 for 13th April 2017. Also trying to get my son on one of the experiences. Any recommendations?? Cheers
  2. Stevie1982

    Driver training

    Guys, recently picked up my 14 plate c63. Now although I've had various performance cars over the years this is really the first RWD car with plenty of power. So could anyone suggest around the south east area the best place/places to go for some training. Looked at the half day AMG course at...
  3. B

    AMG Driver Training

    Anyone here been on the "free" AMG Driving Academy Training at MB World? It sounds fun, although not exactly local to me. Any opinions would be welcome, including how/if spectators (or passengers) are accommodated, and whether the "Advanced" tuition is worthwhile?
  4. B

    Personal Training - Market Research

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of re-training, to become a Personal Trainer. I've been health and fitness obsessed for many years now, compete in Masters athletics, qualified as a coach, and have also trained as an NLP practitioner to become accomplished in the art of helping people to change...
  5. steve333

    Amg driver training

    Just received a slot at Brooklands for my complimentary 4hour Amg driver training,anyone else done there's?
  6. WDB124066

    Training the pussy.

    Sometime ago I trained the pussy to accompany me in the car on long journeys, she had a choice of three or four places to sit, lye or just hang out. Her favorite was on the front seat riding shotgun up on her front quarters leaning for the corners - big smile on her face! Recently she has taken...
  7. D

    AMG Driver Training...

    Hi folks. Just called up MB to talk about my 3 hour complimentary AMG Driver Training experience and as luck would have it they have a free space tomorrow afternoon :bannana: I hope they let me push the car to it's limits (and just beyond) so I can see exactly what the car is capable of. It...
  8. D

    AMG Basic Training event at Brooklands

    Hi guys - today I completed the free AMG Drivers Academy Basic training that all new AMGs get as part of the car purchase. The event was at Brooklands - its about 3 hours in total - maybe an hour of talking and 2 hours in the cars. It uses the handling circuits, wet circle, wet road etc that...
  9. The _Don

    Complimentary AMG Driving Academy Training experience

  10. W

    AMG Driving Academy Training

    My dealer mentioned this might happen when I picked up the C63 last week, but he has just confirmed that anybody who has bought an AMG car since 1 March 2015 (and all new purchases) will be invited to attend a 2.5 hr AMG driving training session down at Brooklands. Not sure how that differs to...
  11. Pie

    AMG Basic Training – Hockenheimring & Affalterbach Tour – July 7th 2015

    Video link at the bottom if you want to skip the words and just watch. The engine start and revving you hear at the beginning is the C63S. ==================================================== So that's me just back from Germany where I took part in the AMG Basic Training package. The whole...
  12. Giantvanman

    Hands-on detailing training- any recommendations?

    Has anyone had any experience of detailing courses for the amateur who wants to learn some of the techniques to use on their own vehicles? I don't know much but I do know that I don't want a course where I would be one of a dozen pupils, for example. I would enjoy practical over observation...
  13. Vilus

    Online Technical Training Manual Downloads

    You can download a copy of the MBUSA training manuals that have a wealth of information on 14 of the non-current Mercedes models here. MBUSA Technical Training Click on the model, and download the ZIP file to your PC. Follow the instructions on the page The file will then extract into its own...
  14. N

    Online Driver Training course - views?

    Anyone know of this company or course? Anyone done it or something similar? e-Careers - Online Driver Training Groupon are running a 90% discount offer (£20 instead of £199). Not a huge risk at £20 & I guess it can't hurt, just wondering what the panel thought.
  15. grober

    Becker Online training course

    I hadn't come across this website before. The main Becker site doesn't link to it AFAIK. Training Tool - Becker Online Training maybe a good introduction to any " newbie" A few possible titbits:- [ don't know how valid/ current these are??] next map update ? Q2/2012 SD card with preloaded...
  16. Harrythedog

    Advice for house training a puppy

    We've just got a Border Collie pup 8 weeks old who needs house trained. He's doing ok but I thought the extra special collective brains of you guys may have some good tips
  17. bh13coupe

    England football Team Training Session

    Guys I know how proud we are of our National team:D. I stumbled accross this on youtube, very funny. YouTube - Mock the Week on the England Football Team Training Session
  18. Spinal

    CISSP / CEH Training Advice

    I may be able to get a CISSP training approved in the coming days... that said, I'm also interested in the CEH courses... Has anyone done one of the combined CISSP/CEH courses? What did you think of it? Is it worth it, or should I just do the CISSP course and self-study the CEH at some...
  19. jonnyboy

    workplace training

    Hi all I have a small (sub 5 employees) landscaping and grounds maintenance company. As we expand my ability to spend time doing on-the-job training, especially with a view towards horticultural knowledge, is becoming untenable. Funding/help for small businesses is a total minefield of...
  20. VB123

    MB Systems training.

    For those interested............... Hope it has not been posted before.
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