1. J

    Free - mercedes ml w163 transfer box - a1632800800

    MERCEDES ML W163 TRANSFER BOX - A1632800800 Removed from my ex car. Very good used condition. Approx mileage - 103,000 Miles. Operating smoothly and correctly. All mounting points and lugs intact - no damage, splits or cracks to casing. All threads and splines intact. No play in...
  2. 350_Coupe

    Comand 2.0 + SAP v3 BT module contact transfer issue

    Afternoon Guys, I've recently switched my phone from a Samsung Galaxy s3 on the Three network, to a Samsung Galaxy s6 on the EE network. I had been using the MB HFP Adapter, because Three does not support SAP, but EE does, so it gave me the chance to switch back to my MB SAP v3 adapter...
  3. J

    W163 Transfer Box

    As above, part number A1632800800. Removed from my 2004 ML 270 CDi @ 113,651 miles. Gears, bearings, chain & Hi-Lo range motor all in very good order. Filled with new Fuchs Titan 3353 oil. £60 Buyer to collect from LS17 9LH area. Heavy item so no shipping.
  4. MikeInWimbledon

    Fast Registration transfer if selling a car....

    I've found registration transfer irritatingly slow in the past, but maybe its better now. Or maybe I was just doing the wrong thing? If I wanted to sell put a plate on retention, at the same time as selling the car, can this be done? I "think" I was told before that I had to put the...
  5. S

    Transfer of contacts to command phonebook

    Hi All. Does anyone know which Nokia phones will allow me to Bluetooth my contacts to command phonebook. I have checked MB Command online and they only list about 4 Nokia models and not all of them allow transfer via BT. I have vcards on laptop so will need Nokia phone with usb connection on...
  6. magentalic

    private plates transfer

    i have just bought a clk with a clk private plate.if i put my own private plate on what will happen when i eventually sell the car will the clk reg go back on or the original other words will the clk be lost.thanks
  7. toffee-pie

    Private number plate transfer check.

    Guys, My number plate is MR05 xxx, can I move this to the CL55 which is a 52 plate? (has had a few private plates itself but the main one is 52) If I cant move it looks like I need to forsake it. cheers.
  8. jonnyboy

    iOS data transfer to new phone

    Knowledgeable chaps. I got Mrs JB a new iphone 6s this week to replace her 5s. We need to set it up, transfer everything across so it's business as usual. I don't do Apple, am an android-ite. She reckons that the wonderful iTunes won't transfer everything??? Anyone got any pointers about...
  9. brucemillar

    Bank Transfer Question?

    Folks I am buying watch tomorrow from a dealer (price agreed subject to viewing) Now ideally he wants (so do I) a bank transfer. How can I get this done quickly/instantly? Ideally I would like to view the watch and arrange the transfer there and then to avoid any awkward hanging around...
  10. Felstmiester

    Private plate transfer

    Probably simple for some, but I'm useless with this kind of thing. I want to transfer a reg from my van to another vehicle. I own both and both in my name. I know I would have to send v5's and stuff off for both cars but wondered what forms you need. Or maybe it would be easier to take it all in...
  11. Evoluzione

    Service Plan Transfer

    Hi, I've just bought a 2011 C250 Coupe, with 30000 miles on. In the paper work is a pre-paid 2 year service contract, looks like it was a dealer incentive which expires on 16/01/2016. My car is due it's 4th year service by 30/12/2015, would I be able to use the remaining service...
  12. H

    QQ on number plate transfer

    Hi, quick question... I've just sold my car and need to put the plate on retention ready for new car arriving next month. I believe this service is fairly quick and can be done online for around £80. My (not so quick question afterall is) what happens to my current car? How do i arrange...
  13. P

    W124 Manual 4 matic gear and transfer boxes

    W124 Manual 4 matic gear and transfer boxes £500
  14. Druk

    Heathrow terminal transfer.

    Edit... sorry. Travel agent printed wrong terminal number on booking form!
  15. M

    Registration Transfer

    Car Reg change advice.. Hi I have a private reg on my current car and have just bought a new car from a mate. I wish to transfer the reg and register the car in my name in one go. Is this possible if I send the following all together: -Current car V5 -New car full V5 signed with new keeper...
  16. L

    Transfer of Maps to COMMAND

    I have been following the discussions on the transfer of map(s) to MB Cars. I purchased m very first MB in January this year (E Class) and I am still discovering all the hi-tech bits on it! I have discovered that in the UK (as far as I can tell) you can only transfer Places to your car from your...
  17. M

    Registration transfer

    Hi I have a personalised registration on one if my cars. I have bought another car off a friend and have the full logbook still to send to dvla to put in my name. Can I send dvla the log book for new car and the transfer of registration form with current log book all at once to get processed...
  18. A

    Cherished Number Transfer Onto New Car ?

    Good afternoon all, just a quick query to see if anyone can shed some light on the above for me. I've bought a used E-Class from an approved main dealer and asked him to sort out putting my cherished number on it before i take delivery, my plate was on a retention certificate so i gave him...
  19. P

    Can you transfer a reg number off a car after SORNing it (and getting the tax refund)

    I bought a Mercedes with a personal plate a while ago but now is the time to sell it (the car) (.....and the plate). The car isn't worth that much so I want to try and maximise my assets by splitting off the cherished number, which means nothing to me but might do to someone else; then selling...
  20. Palmball

    Comand phonebook transfer

    If I remember correctly from last year, the SLS has an older type of Comand system which can't transfer read your phonebook directly via bluetooth. At the time, there wasn't a cradle for my iPhone 4S so I got round this problem by buying a cradle for one of my old iPhones (3GS), uploaded...
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