1. M

    advice on transfering a reg please

    ive got a cherished plate that was on my dads car but has been on retention, i looked at the certificate and its my dads name and address on it. The car its going on is in my name and registered to my address. Do i have to be a nominee on the certificate to transfer it to my car, or is it ok as...
  2. Chattonmill

    Transfering TV from one to another.

    I will be picking up the E55 tonight, I want to make sure I have all the corrct bits to transfer the TV tuner from one car to the other. Apart from the main box, what else would I need to take across? Thanks Max
  3. crockers

    transfering from sky+ to disc

    Hi Is there a quick and easy way of transferring recorded programs from the hard drive on sky+ to a dvd - at the moment I have to play the program and record it.... seems rather an archaic process......but have searched web with no joy Thanks :)
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Transfering a quicktime movie onto DVD

    A mate of mine would like to watch the Episode III trailer, but doesnt have internet access. How would I go about putting this on a CD or DVD so we could watch it on the telly?? I have a DVD burner... They are in quicktime format
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