1. Piff

    Transferring saved programs from sky box

    We have a Sky+HD box with loads of programs saved on to it. We will be reviewing what we pay for tv in the coming months with both sons moving out over the next 3 months. If we ditch Sky, is there a way of still accessing the recorded programs? One recorded program is of particular sentimental...
  2. D

    Transferring money out of UAE

    Friend of my dad worked in UAE for a few years and has recently moved back to the UK. He's still got a fair few grand worth of Dirham in his UAE bank account and is under the impression that the only way of getting it out is to fly back over there and get it out of the bank in cash then fly...
  3. developer

    Transferring Text And Contacts From HTC One Mini To Samsung S6

    What's the easiest/safest way please? I've done the photos, but I need my contacts and texts transferred from the HTC to the Samsung. Thanks.
  4. Druk

    Transferring music files?

    An idiots step-by-step needed please for ripping music from CD's and loading them to a USB stick. Puter is on W7. In the dim and distant past and on XP I used to copy CD's using Nero. Now when I load a CD it opens in iTunes and that's where I'm stuck. Grrrr :dk:. 1st attempt: load...
  5. pfarre10

    Transferring private reg's

    Hi all, I have read the official line, but want to know if there is any way of getting a private no. off a car with no tax or mot. I havn't found a gem on a barn find wreck. Just 6 years ago we put my wifes beetle off the road. (sorn, garaged). It was one of the first "new" beetles n...
  6. developer

    Transferring data from iPhone to HTC One

    My HTC One has arrived so I'd like to begin viewing "stuff ;)" on the larger screen. Can anyone advise how to transfer the data (photos/contacts etc) from the 4S to the HTC One, presumably using my laptop? They are different operating systems - will a transfer via a lappy be totally...
  7. steve333

    Transferring a private reg

    I'm looking at changing my cls for an ml next weekend & want to transfer my p/plate if i decide to buy the ml.The dealer has told me the only way i can do the deal next weekend & drive away the ml is if i pay £105 to retain my p/plate & in 10 days i can transfer the plate over(my cls will go...
  8. C

    Blackberry and transferring contacts

    Can't work out how to transfer contacts from my Curve. Phone connects everytime through bluetooth but can't get the contacts to appear on the car display. Can anyone help please? thanks
  9. swannymere

    Transferring electrical parts

    I'm running a 94 W124 E300d and i love it but it's very basic and i'd like to upgrade a few things. Can someone with more knowledge let me know how hard these systems are to transfer from one car to another and yes i know it would be easier to just go and buy a car with the right spec. but funds...
  10. kikkthecat

    Transferring Outlook

    Does anyone know if there is an easy way to transfer Outlook and all its settings, folders, address book etc from an old PC to a new one. If it makes a difference I am currently on Office 2003 and the new one will have Office 2007 All the other files and folders I need are already on disc...
  11. ringway

    Advice on transferring old files to new laptop.

    After an uneven struggle with many problems on my 2 year old HP DV9088ea laptop, I have succumbed and ordered a new Dell laptop. If my old HP laptop has any dodgy files/registry/software/system settings can I mess up the new machine by performing a wholesale transfer to the new machine. Any...
  12. jonnyboy

    transferring ipod to new (old) pc

    hi all gave daughter old pc, had reinstalled windows and effectively "wiped" hard drive. she wants to get itunes up and running again but we (I) didnt store all the music elsewhere first thinking "well its on the ipod" so all the instuctions on apple's site dont help us. is there any...
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