1. M

    2013 W204 C250CDI 7G Auto transmission overheat?

    Recently had a scary problem whilst on the Autostrada in Italy, went to overtake a truck at around 70mph when there was a thump from the transmission and it jumped out of gear, it would not re engage and was just like a manual car with a clutch gone, Engine light came on and coasted to a...
  2. Braincrank

    transmission mount .....

    Has anyone got any tips and / or tricks how to get the top bolt of the transmission mount ?? I think it's a 19 spanner but it's a pig and a half for accessibility .....
  3. Dizz

    Transmission oil change, what else?

    I have booked my 2004 CLK320 (90,000miles) in for a transmission oil change with PCS in a few weeks time, should I be taking the opportunity to get anything else checked or replaced while I'm at it? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. D

    W209 transmission fluid

    Hi there, I've recently bought a clk270 cdi 2005 with 138k on clock, it has mercedes service history since 30k until the last one and there is no mention about changing transmission fluid. What would be the advice? Change it or do not touch it? Gearbox works good with no kicks the only thing i...
  5. R

    Audio changing with transmission

    Hi, has anyone else had a problem with their audio changing when they change from drive to reverse on an automatic and sometimes visa versa. The car has been back to Mercedes several times now and they cannot replicate the fault to see what happens and I obviously cannot record it as I am...
  6. M

    722.8 auto transmission oil level read

    A simple question but can anyone tell me how to read the automatic transmission dipstick please ? The instructions say that at 80C the dipstick should read between levels 5-7, ideally 6. However upon pulling out the dipstick the two sides always show different levels, so not really sure which...
  7. doo01

    Jerky Transmission

    Hi all I have recently purchased a 16 plate B200. Noticed that when you're creeping along slow traffic as you often do in London in a low gear (esp 1st and 2nd) and you take your foot off the accelerator, the car jerks like an SOB like I'm a 18 year old newbie manual driver. Is this the...
  8. cellarmerc

    how many hrs to change seals in rear transmission

    Hi, my garage charged me 11 hrs to change the seals and whatever else they are called in the rear transmission diff for my E320 W211 it had started a small oil leak on one side of the diff. I paid Euro480 to get it fixed a after market specialist not Mercedes as is 2005 car . Did I pay too...
  9. AndrewOl

    X164 Transmission Problems

    Hi, 2006 GL having intermittent shift problems. Cycling ignition cures the problem and using the m/s button seems to bring the change issues on. Any ideas?
  10. J

    Transmission Fluid, Torque Converter or not?

    Hi All, Just picked up a C250 AMG Sport Automatic 62 plate, 47k miles. As I've just picked it up and it's due a service I've dropped it into a Mercedes Indy for a few bits of work, here's what I've gone for: - Service B (which they tell me includes Air Filter, Pollen Filter, Fuel Filter...
  11. D

    Transmission type 722.6

    Hi guys, Well ownership is going well ,with lots of small jobs being completed, Rear heat shield is being repaired at present ,on drivers side and no heat near it so I've gone for penny washers and epoxy. My question is will my car have the 722.6 (330nm) gearbox or the 580nm as...
  12. Mr Fixit

    w211 E55 transmission and rear diff mounts

    All Recently acquired my first E55 and generally loving it, had the car checked through my the local merc service centre and all clear however I keep thinking I can hear thuds and bumps in either the transmission the rear diff/sub frame area. :dk: Seems to be on picking up power and...
  13. Z

    Ml320d w164 sudden loss of transmission

    Hi everyone newbie here just recently bought an Ml320D sport 2005 W164 model was driving fine until one day last week whilst driving the ABS/ESP light come on and then on the message screen it lit up saying Rear Diff lock overheated please let it cool down but this was only after driving for a...
  14. M

    clk 230 kompressor transmission problems and more

    Hi all It's been a long time since I've been on Mercedes forums. I went away from Mercedes I'm ashamed to say, I've had many classic Mercedes like 190E's old s classes etc. But just recently I purchased an old CLK230 kompressor convertible as a weekend toy. I bought the car knowing it had...
  15. I

    transmission fault re appeared after 150mile

    Last week I had a repair on an 722.8 transmission ECU out of a 2007 A180, The reassembly went well and the fault code reset without any problems, The car then drove fine and has done around 150 mile (100 of being on the motorway). Yesterday the same fault code (P0793 intermediate speed sensor)...
  16. M

    S Class 2007 transmission issue

    My automatic gearbox intermittently gets stuck in a gear and the only way to reset it is to stop the engine and restart it. Is this a firmware problem or something more serious?
  17. I

    striping cvt transmission

    Hi guys n girls I have part striped the cvt (722.8) transmission and found on WIS the info for stripping. I can only find detail on WIS to remove the whole valve/control unit, the repair company only want the circuit section due to weight & transit cost. Can some one enlighten me on where to...
  18. M

    W210 722.6 transmission slip

    I've got a 300TD S210 estate and an E320 W210 saloon, and they feel incredibly different to drive, even though the transmissions are all-but identical. The 300TD feels old and worn on 173k, whereas the E320 feels like a different car on 155k, with instant take-up and smooth changes. Part of...
  19. G

    W123 Transmission

    Morning everybody, So, I've just had a full engine rebuild on my 230te and it runs beautifully and for the first time doesn't leak. But.... The gear changes on the transmission are now all over the place. It'll still change up but only when it gets to 3000 revs. Or alternatively when i lift...
  20. U

    CLK350 Auto transmission fluid change

    Hi I took my 2006 CLK350 petrol for service, and asked if they could take a look at transmission fluid level. When the car is cold first thing in morning, for the first 100 yards or so the car revs but seems to stick in low gear. It then frees itself, and no further problems during the day...
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