1. M

    transmition vibrations

    my e320 211 2007 year has developed a vibration when stationary it goes away when in drive.It feels like it is around the transmition area,any ideas?
  2. ALB1

    W163 transmition cooler

    Hello All, Looking for some adviseplease I have a very sorry looking transmition oil cooler and i am going to change it out. firstly can i just unclip the hoses and swap them over and then add some teansmition fluid to replace the amount thats going to spill onto my driveway? also because the...
  3. S

    Automatic transmition 300 CE w 124

    Dear mates, My Automatic transmition 300 CE w 124 is starting from the 2. gear If I draw it to the 1. gear manualy it starts from the 1. gear . If I kick down it shifts down to the first gear. but on a normal smoooth driving startas with the secund gear. new gear oil and filter is replaced and...
  4. G

    Auto transmition shut down

    The fluid pipe came off emptying the gear box of fluid The garage reconnected the pipe and put in 8 litres of fluid it worked perfect then yesterday The car would not go out of first gear now today When I put it in drive there is nothing or reverse And when in drive the revs won't go...
  5. B

    Need to check my transmition fluid

    But I dont know how to get the red cover off, Is it magnetic ? can anyone help. Its a 1997 E200 petrol (W210 I think)
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