1. Stuart O

    fm transmitters

    do these things work with COMAND and still allow use of sat nav ?? looking at the griffin autopilot that shows track details on screen - any body had any dealings ??:o Stuart forgot to menton - car is an 05 163 ml ..
  2. guydewdney

    iPod mini transmitters now legal... aparantly (if you read the last paragraph) this means that those little iPod transmitters will be legal (from December the 8th) and theres a load of stuff about CB radios (of which I know nothing) and removal of licence fees or somthing....
  3. pluggers

    Mp3 transmitters

    These things have been doing the rounds at my works recently transmitters and they are brill :bannana: A couple of the lads have Mp3 players and have connected the small transmitter to it and anyone with a radio can tune in to the frequency and listen to what ever is been played.Different...
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