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    Glass (extendable) dining table with two transparent chairs

    Gutted that I have to sell my dining table - a heavy, over-engineered beast of a thing with matching chairs (we only bought two as were in a much smaller place at the time). Only selling since our little one, who can now stand, is at risk of injury by walking into it etc. I had been warned...
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    SLK 171 Transparent Wind Draught Stop

    Does anyone have a Transparent wind deflector for the current shape SLK That they dont need and would be willing to sell Look forward to hearing
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    SLK transparent (japanese) windblocker for sale...

    hello everyone, having sold my car - I've listed the wind deflector on eBay... lots of details about it in the item description. I've also got a pair of used door pulls in Quartz (AKA Oyster) on...
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