1. H

    Specialist wanted for engine transplant project

    I've had a w124 v12 project car sitting incomplete for a few years now. Circumstances meant that the car has sat in my barn, and now I'm looking to give it over to somebody to just "get it running." I'm looking to ship it to a specialist to complete the project over the next six months or...
  2. amg3.6

    5.5 Transplant into C43

    I have a question regarding the starter motor as my engine is from an E55 the starter motor is on the other side. My question is whats the actual reason in moving it? Does anything come in the way or is it because of the wiring which is short? I was thinking if its because of the wiring not...
  3. EDZ649

    National Transplant Week 8-14 July 2013

    About five years ago my father was diagnosed with renal failure. He was told that he would need a Kidney transplant within the next five years and that if he didn't have one he would almost certainly have to go on dialysis. Needless to say my father and indeed the whole family were devastated...
  4. jukie

    Climate control transplant?

    As the title suggests, is it possible to take a digital climate control unit from a car and put it into another of the same series & vintage that is equipped with standard air con? If so, how time-consuming & expensive, assuming the work is carried out by a trained mechanic. I accept that...
  5. michaelk3289

    slight prob with my leather transplant w124

    hi guys as you may have read in an earlier post i have started to replace my cloth seats for leather the only problem i have hit so far is on the front pax seat i have the airbag option inplace of glove box, however i am guessing the donor car did not, when i took the old cloth seat out i had...
  6. zenman63

    Engine transplant vito 115/ 120

    Thinking of buying a Vito120 van and swapping the entire engine in my 115 and then reselling the van as a 115. What problems can you see in this? I have also considered selling my 115 and buying a 120 duel liner as I have but it will cost over 10k more to do this. I am thinking dvla, change...
  7. M

    E420 Transplant onto E320 COUPE ...Possible ?

    Is it easy/possible to take all the running gear of a 1995 w124 E420 saloon and transplant it on my 1995 e320 coupe. I really want/need to swop engine ,gearbox ,prop ,exhaust and wiring loom. Are there any considerations re the LHD and RHD differences. I want to end up with a simple V8...
  8. M

    W210 E320CDI Engine Transplant - Do-able?

    My parents have, unfortunately, managed to "hydraulic" the engine on their 02 E320CDI - floodwater under a railway bridge - had no idea that it was so deep. This is particularly sad because their car is immaculate inside and out. In the meantime, we have a 2001 Y reg E320CDI, which, as far...
  9. NW_Merc

    Engine transplant in a W202

    Would it be straight forward or really difficult to shoe horn a 300 TD lump into a W202? Ideas please if you will :)
  10. A

    2003 Vito Traveliner 108 Engine Transplant HELP

    Hi Guys, I have a 2003 Traveliner 108 CDi with a broken engine. Does anyone no if I could transplant the engine out of a 99/2000 C220 Cdi?? Advice / help please?
  11. D

    C124 engine transplant, 300+bhp?

    So, I'll try keep it short and sweet(but like thats really going to happen! lol)... My big brothers just got himself a first gen mustang imported..and dear god no...3 engines, freight cost+empty seats for them sit on. genius:D He's keeping his car date-correct, a 302ci...
  12. B

    w114 engine transplant surgery

    Hi, I have a 1975 280ce w114 and thinking of putting a 560sec engine and transmission in there has anyone got any technical advice regarding the crazy idea? Thanks
  13. kurtdaley

    Worlds first full face transplant.

    Page 34 in the mail today, interesting piece about the Spanish male who has had the worlds first face transplant. Being a donor myself I wouldn't have any problems about any part of my body being donated to another human being. Would love to hear other peoples views on this.
  14. Druk

    Hypothetical transplant.

    Just thinking out loud. Say I wanted to install a 300TD turbo engine from a 210 into something completely different. I have the whole car so can use the g/box, wiring, ECU, propshaft et al. Imagine the recipient car is effectively a bare shell. What about needing the ignition switch, OVP...
  15. O

    engine transplant or mdification

    hi my name is delboy i own w124 260e 1987 merc i have just suffered oil depravation at one end of the engine now i need a new engine so instead of putting a 260 back put an engine in with a bit more oomph or go completely mad and fit a v8 if its possible or up rate a 3ltr engine is there anyone...
  16. M

    W123 5 speed manual transplant

    Does a 5speed manual gearbox from a 230 W124 fit into a W123 230 coupe(manual originally). My '85 W123 230 coupe gearbox grumbles in 5th. and is a bit baulky and I have been offered a W124 5speed manual box. If anyone knows the ins and outs of this I'd be grateful for your advice.
  17. C230kompressor

    w202/w201 kompressor transplant???

    any advise would be lovely iv seen a mint 190e today but needs a new head old one has corroded! i was thinking about transplanting my w202 kompressor engine into it? as my kompressor needs a lot of body work! has any one done this convertion? just a thaught!
  18. C

    Considered opinions required W124 transplant

    Hi Gents, I'm considering getting someone to fit a 606 (24v)diesel engine and box from a W124 300E estate (m reg) into my W124 E200 estate (petrol0 M reg. My questions are :- Will the petrol tank need to be changed ? Do the front struts need swopping (heavier engine) ? Is it worth the effort as...
  19. O

    engine transplant???

    would it be possible to fit an c class 220 cdi to an e class 320 cdi? would it be a simple straight swap or would the gearbox require changing? ecu problems,etc?
  20. M

    w203 Pre leather seat transplant info required

    Managed to buy a full black leather interior for my w203 coupe after months of searching/waiting - good old fleebay - £220 for a full set including door cards. Picked them up on Sunday morning. They do need a clean though. Anyway hoping to do the swap out next weekend, but need some info...
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