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    Transplanting om601 into 307d

    Can I put an OM601 into a MB 307d camper van? Managed to seize the om616 that was in the van and replacements seem like hens teeth. I've been offered a running 208d and I'm wanting to know if it would be an "easy" transplant. Thank you.
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    Transplanting SLK alloys onto C-Class (W203) - help!

    Hello everybody! I've done a search on these forums - so i know this can and has been done... the SLK alloys are the standard 7 spoke ones; fronts wheels:7J 16 H2 ET37 (tyres: 205/55/R16); rears wheels: 8J 16 H2 ET30 (tyres: 225/50/R16) should this not be a straightforward bolt-on using...
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