1. st13phil

    Playing Politics with London’s Transport System

    Interesting article by Quentin Willson here: London’s Anti-Car Legacy
  2. S

    Help needed - Hampshire to Manchester transport

    Hi everyone, Need a small favour if any of you regularly travel from Manchester to London/Hampshire area, either way. Looking for someone to help me transport a Steering wheel with airbag, seeing that all delivery companies have airbags on their restricted list. Beer monies paid. PM if...
  3. The _Don

    Forum transport help required please

    Hi all i have seen a exhaust i would like in Middlesbrough and i reside in London can anyone help with collection and delivery? Pm me please. Many Thanks.
  4. flango

    Snow is falling, transport is failing

    Well we have 2cm of snow here and the buses have stopped running and so have the taxis, what sort of country is this? Is this another example of nanny state HSE? Madness I was in Canada 2 weeks ago at minus 28 degrees and 2 meters of snow and life carries on as normal. It's times like this I'm...
  5. Alex

    How do you transport your dogs?

    Guys, Long story short, we're getting a beautiful purebred Labrador puppy next week. Lots of new gear, everyone's excited, fun times ahead. The question to you, experienced dog owners, is what is the best way/gear for transporting a puppy in a CL. I'm talking about taking him to my work place...
  6. artyman

    A different mode of transport

    Went to the Autumn Gala of the Watercress Line at the weekend, parked in a field, so washed the car today to get rid of the countryside!! Here's a video I shot of transport from a bygone age.
  7. O

    Courrier Wheel carrier transport etc...

    Hi guys, got a great courier if you need some wheels to be shifted around the country. Or other stuff. It might be a little dearer then other but its totally hassle free and you do not need to pack the wheels like others do. All you need is the bare wheels and an address for pick up and...
  8. jamesfuller

    My other modes of transport!

    Some of my bikes. The Orange P7 in action (sleepless in the saddle 24hr) And after its tidy up and service alongside the Merlin. One of the retro road bikes. :D:D:D
  9. Dieselman

    Car transport costs

    Has anyone got knowledge of how much it costs to transport a 1500kg car from SE France to the Midlands? Also does anyone have any contacts for transporting parts from France to the UK?
  10. Charles Morgan

    Public transport in the sticks

    sucks. I had a hand op so for 4 weeks afterwards couldn't drive. I caught the bus into Slough once to go shopping - £9.20 return to go 3 miles and back. Then I had to go for an eye test at High Wycombe - the pupil is dilated so you can't drive for six hours. A shame because it is only 15...
  11. developer

    MB UK Transport Department

    Anyone know what a car belonging this department may have been used for? It did 12K in 7 months, so it's been used.
  12. jimti

    Transport role for drink driver

    Only my local council would think this appropriate :wallbash::doh::ban: Road safety role for 'disgraced' Cantebury councillor recently banned from driving | This is Kent
  13. M

    car transport

    Anybody know a good reasonably priced car transport in south east london. Need someone to take my car over to a sprayshop in sheerness from se9 Ive contacted ontime but there price was a little more than i wanted to pay Kind regards Michael
  14. neilz

    A city with no public transport?

    =9590"]News Could Budapest really lose its public transport very very soon?
  15. T

    Need transport of my car.

    Hello. I car got broken on autobahn in Germany on Friday. Big engine problem. :mad: I wonder if you know any transport company that can bring my car back to England, near London? Thanks in advance!!
  16. Sp!ke

    Alternative Transport

    Given that my normal daily driver (my 190E) is currently out of the country I decided to dust off my wifes virtually unused Yamaha YBR125 and try it for my 50 mile per day commute. It is a 2008 model with 3k on the clock of which only 250 miles in the last two years. 125cc, about 10HP and...
  17. R

    Hempstead Valley Festival of Transport:)

    Our local shopping centre must be run by a petrolhead because we have a great Festival of Transport once a year. It runs over this weekend and particularly tommorrow when loads of owners bring their cars along. The main display this year is Bond cars. A few phone snaps taken when the centre...
  18. D

    Public Transport - Viable alternative?

    I have recently started to use public transport more often. Mainly because of two projects, one in Kent and one in Glasgow, which made road travel something of a chore. I did quite enjoy this, although I noted that the rail was nearly always more expensive than the air option. I have a need...
  19. developer

    Heavenly Transport

    In the few months I've owned my car I've not encountered anything similar. That mean and moody look with it's black paintwork, accented by the black windows and the distinctive body lines, instantly recognisable from any angle. Dead good, some have said ;) On one occasion a guy crossed...
  20. D

    Car transport

    Gents, The W108 will be making its way to the UK in a few days and whilst I'd love to be there to grab it, I have to go and play in Vegas for a while. Can anyone recommend a reputable car transport company who can collect it from the port and drop it off at the house? Thanks,
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