1. SilverSaloon

    car transportation companies that deal with shipping

    Hi Can anyone recommend any companies that would collect a vehicle from my house in Scotland and transport it (via low-loader/transporter) to Hull and put it on a ferry? I'm selling a car and the purchaser (who is genuine, not a scam, club member etc) lives abroad. I need an easy way of...
  2. Druk

    Vehicle transportation.

    Stepson has bought a Caterham. It's at Gatwick and he needs it to be near Edinburgh and hasn't the time to collect. What would be a reasonable price for him to expect to pay for it's (flatbed) delivery? 450 miles one way. .
  3. stevesey

    Car Transportation Cost?

    I may want to move an MG Midget (non-runner) from Swindon to Bristol (40miles) how much should I expect to pay?
  4. dougal74

    S.E. (Kent) transportation query

    This is a complete shot in the dark but I need to collect an armchair for the wife from Yeovil and bring it back to Kent. The chair is (cm) 83 x 96 x 95 so there is no way it will fit in the coupe...I knew there was a downside to owning the car I always wanted!:o Does anyone fancy swapping...
  5. uumode


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