1. LTD

    Ant traps ....

    Yep, you read it right. An ant trap. I've got a little problem at my front door with ants. What I am hoping to source is an ant trap that will lure the little blighters into it so they don't return - something attractive to them that I can leave (buried if necessary) at my front door...
  2. markjay

    Japan Sasago tunnel: Collapse traps cars

    BBC News - Japan Sasago tunnel: Collapse traps cars Very tragic.
  3. Stratman

    One way to deal with mobile speed traps!

    Taken from
  4. big x

    Chinese death traps Vs MB

    Here's a car that scored nil points in the German ADAC crash test :crazy: Jiangling Landwind which should be called the Jiangling Landfill rubbish. New C-class: compare that with the Brillance BS6. The BS...
  5. T

    Speed Traps and how to Beat them

    I met a guy last year who delivered cars for a living, claims that although he was often recorded as speeding he never paid fines or got points on his licence due to a technical loophole. Not sure if he was giving me bull**1t but he definitely still has a valid licence. I believe the loophole...
  6. M

    Mobile speed traps on M1

    Was blatting along the M1 Derbyshire/Yorkshire last week and a sneaky white Transit type thing parked in the hard shoulder had 2 cameras in it, pointing about a quarter of a mile downstream, so that by the time I'd seen it, it was way too late. Must have caught everyone doing 70+. Watch out...
  7. pammy

    Don't get caught warning ppl of speed traps..

    look what happened to this guy here
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