1. Alfie

    Trashed comand/Navigation drive due to copied disks

    We are working with a TV company that are producing a programme about pirated/copied navigation disks. We have a few customers who have suffered material loss as a result of using copied disks. Such as updates that fail part way through, rendering the comand / Navigation drive useless resulting...
  2. Simon_M

    Weather's trashed my car

    Had a very serious hail storm on Saturday afternoon, hail stones around the size of big marbles. So now the CLS is covered in dents on the bonnet, roof and boot :mad: They are very small but annoying, I know they are there although many will not spot them anyone got any bright ideas? I know...
  3. ckember

    VW cars trashed by hail storm

    A colleague of mine has had a new A3 on order since November, with the new model now out his car was due a month ago, but the delivery date kept slipping. Today he got a very apologetic letter from VW via the leasing company stating that 12500 VW cars at its export centre in germany had been...
  4. Howard

    CLS bits ... someones trashed one already
  5. simonl

    I've trashed my car

    I've trashed my car. I'm totally gutted. :( :( :( Driving round a long bend this morning in rain. Hit a wet patch, lost the back end, overcompensasted trying to recover it, span and slammed into a crash barrier. I've wrecked: - front and rear passenger side wings - front and rear...
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