1. brucemillar

    Severe Trauma & Recovery Help

    If you are of a nervous disposition then please do not read on: Yesterday (Yes I know it was the 1st April) I went with my wife and two teenage daughters to 'visit' IKEA in Lakeside. We arrived just after 13:00 and managed to get out just before 17:00. Dear God, it was hell in there. I saw...
  2. Munkee

    Tax Disc Trauma!!!!!

    Hi, The last time I had to renew my tax disc, I also fitted a new tax holder. On Wednesday I have to renew it again. Problem is that I fitted one of those metal ones (see pic below) where you need a hexagon/allen key to open it, but I've lost it. :eek: Does any one know where I can get a...
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