1. T

    Vito (W639 ) handbrake / footpedal -long travel

    W639 handbrake pedal travel The footpedal in my Vito ( W639 2007) goes a long way down before it "goes tight " considerably more than in my mercedes saloon cars . I have today adjusted the wheel cogs inside the brake drum to bind then just backed off a couple of single cogs to free rotation ...
  2. Palfrem

    My experience of a Home / Travel insurance claim

    Unfortunately, on holiday in Portugal a few weeks back my wallet was stolen by pickpockets. It rather took the shine off our holiday as you can imagine. Reported theft to (very helpful) local Police who didn't pussyfoot about regarding the countries of origin of the scrotes by the way. I...
  3. french

    Time travel...

    ...may explain this ...other wise I am at a loss? In the add Scott tells us that he has always wanted one of these since he was 16yrs old...he is now 40yrs back 24yrs to 1993 & eh well no ones heard of a RS6 yet ... time travel - Mystic meg ???:rolleyes: Audi RS6 Avant 4.2 Quattro...
  4. M

    Brake pedal travel...

    Apologies in advance for the lenghty post. Hi guys, hope someone can point me in the right direction. Car is a W212 E350 CDI 2012. The pads were due a change and the discs had some life in them but deciced to change everything in one go. Alloys needed a refurb so had them sent off. At this...
  5. C

    C Class LED Headlights - European Travel

    Hi all, I'm going over to France for a couple of weeks on Friday. Usually I would buy a set of headlight deflectors to use on halogen bulbs. Are LEDs any different? I know some xenon sets you can adjust for continental travel - is there such a feature on the most recent C class? Thanks...
  6. Meldrew2

    Overcharged by travel agent

    IGLU cruises - here's a warning based on my experience. IGLU claim to "have expert advice, best prices & exclusive cruise deals on the widest selection of cruises online.” and it was based upon these assurances that I placed a booking with them for TUI Discovery departing 15 January 2017...
  7. Marvin16x

    Cornwall in August – not the best idea?

    Hi everyone, me and my friend Felix are in desperate need of another UK road trip and since we've got quite fond of the South last year we thought visiting the South West would be a perfect idea for our next trip. Now the thing is, we won't be able to leave earlier (nor later), so August it...
  8. C

    What's the furthest you would travel to get your car serviced?

    I just got my car serviced at Wayne Gates, brilliant as always, but now I've moved to Kent it's a 130 mile round trip. And that got me thinking. If you moved house what's the furthest you would travel to get your car serviced.
  9. D

    Time travel?

    OK, so if you could go back and talk to your younger self, what one piece of advice would you give? I'd say, "Don't worry, be happy." Ant.
  10. tali

    You'll have to travel to a galaxy far far away to find another owned by R2-D2 & Darth

    So one owner was 3 ft 8 in and the other 6ft 6ins- could be a world record for biggest size difference between owners? -unless Clarkson and Hammond decide to own same car at some point :D Mercedes CL500 1996 Unique ownership | eBay
  11. D

    W639 Vito brake pedal travel

    2005 Vito 111CDi brake pedal sinks to the floor. I've bled the complete brake system and there's a good firm pedal with the engine off, but when the engine is running the pedal sinks to the floor. Pumping the brakes brings the pedal up, but it sinks straight down. The brakes bite when the...
  12. P

    55 Kompressor brake pedal travel.

    Hello. Just had new pads, discs and had the system bled. My problem is there's quite a lot of brake pedal travel, maybe about half an inch before the brakes start to kick in. It was like this before but I was hoping the new pads, discs would fix this. It's a shame as the stopping power of...
  13. M

    footbrake travel

    hi folks my w211 2008 model seems to have a soft footbrake it also travels half way down before brakes come on a merc indy told me its the type of brakes they have does anyone else this issue
  14. jotter22

    Benz on the green travel?

    Just a quick question is there any plans for the Kent contingent to travel together?:bannana: if so where will the meeting places be? Tony.
  15. D

    Advice from "Londoners" for travel

    It seems I now need to see a Urology stone consultant at Guys hospital next Friday, at 10.45. I live in Lancing, West Sussex, so will take some time to travel. Looking at train tickets, it will cost a fortune for myself and partner at the time we need to leave. I am thinking about driving...
  16. AndyPCD

    Travel money

    Hey guys Im off to the states next week has anybody got some good recommendations of where to get travel money from. Dont mind if i have to go to the place to collect the money instead of getting it delivered if i get a better rate. Thanks in advance Andy
  17. M

    Specialist in Wiltshire Area who will travel to do Pre Purchase Inspections?

    Hello, Having never owned a Mercedes I'm now considering changing my E39 BMW Touring for a W210 E Class, due to the larger estate area. I'm particularly interested in the E55 and am well aware of (at least some) of the potential issues. As I'm not that mechanically minded and a decent (or...
  18. G

    Vito radio - travel report removal

    I'm sure I'm being stupid, but somehow the travel report keeps coming on but I never turned it on and never used to do it. Can anyone help me how to turn it off? Cheers
  19. flango

    Kings Cross to Heathrow T3 travel advice needed.

    Need a little help, flying out of Heathrow next week and need to get there from Doncaster as our company driver is off ill. My plan is to get the train to London but the first train from Doncaster arrives Kings Cross 07:30 and I need to be at heathrow T3 for 9am. Googling suggests either...
  20. A

    Thailand travel query / amending flights and

    Hi all, strange one for you and would appreciate any advice on this: We're scheduled to be away over Xmas in Bangkok. However, given the recent unrest / tension out there my wife is becoming more nervous about this (we will be travelling with 2 young kids, 3yrs & 6 yrs). Now, our flights...
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