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    Acer TravelMate Laptop.

    Bought this as a aid to use in my studio but no longer required. Acer TravelMate Laptop. Windows Vista Business. Intel Core 2 Duo CPU 2 @ 1.40Ghz 3gb memory. 150gb hard drive. build in card reader. WiFi Firewire port for video camera. DVD writer. 15" screen. Fully charged battery showing 1hr...
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    Laptop - Acer TravelMate 5140

    Acer TravelMate 5140 Laptop computer, now suprplus to requirements. Very good condition, some minor marks to lid of computer - overall a great laptop. Thought I'd list it here, prior to putting it on Ebay. 512MB RAM (shared with Graphics Adaptor) 18GB Hard Drive Pentium 1.6Ghz processor...
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    Acer TravelMate Problem?

    I've got an Acer TravelMate 2700 that belongs to a friend, when I press the power button it boots to a screen with ACER on it then goes to a black screen with a blue box saying "Enter Password" but the keys are'nt working :crazy: Anyone any ideas? :confused: Not too good with Laptops :(
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