1. A

    treasure hunt/scatter rally

    Just testing the water, does anybody fancy taking part in either a 'treasure hunt' or a 'scatter rally' around East Sussex in the spring? ie once the weather gets a bit warmer If there's less than 13 cars ( a very poor turnout) it can be run as a treasure hunt with a set route. If there's...
  2. merc man

    Hidden treasure (Pug 306) with a misfire

    hi there A long story short. I purchased a house not to long ago, it needed some attention, which is now done, time to tackle garden, looked in rear garage which was packed, garden tackled time to empty garage, a surprise a 306 was tucked under all the mess under a cover, what a find...
  3. Shude

    National Treasure: Book Of Secrets

    I saw this film earlier tonight, it was exactly what I expected it to be and it wasn't exactly amazing but it did have a few good moments. Forget Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris and the other actors, the star of the show was a silver W204 C280 sport! It was chased through London by a black...
  4. W

    Treasure Hunts

    Has anyone any tips on organising/holding a treasure hunt? Are there any web sites with tips on clues etc? I've committed myself to holding one and would be glad of any advice. :crazy:
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