1. grober

    A New Year Treat - the 350 GT Lambo

    Following the interest in the Interceptor thread another little treat for New Year 2017 . :cool: Jay Leno and the 1965 Lamborghini 350 GT - Jay Leno's Garage [YOUTUBE HD]UFxymrYj9FQ[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. abecketts

    Not the way to treat your 1 week old merc What was he thinking?
  3. Braincrank

    how to treat damp ?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here has any tips about treating a damp patch on a wall. We moved into this place about a month ago and there's a damp patch in the kitchen on a pillar between the window and the outside door. The home owner replastered that bit just before we moved in and on...
  4. ringway

    A Christmas Treat. Mrs Miller Sings.

    GbCOavjktgk EqINg3H3DIo iEPPbONFXYc
  5. Del80y

    Would you treat you S63 like this???
  6. JethroUK

    Shall I treat my shiny Merc to a new plate for Xmas?

    My initials are CJK Found this plate for £399 Seems like a good price Shall I treat my shiny Merc for Xmas?
  7. MancMike

    Lacquer flaked off, how to treat?

    Hi, I've got a patch where the lacquer has come off on the boot lid and it just keeps getting bigger with each car wash. I've done bits of spraying in the past, bumpers, etc, but this is right on top of the boot lid and I don't want to attempt to respray the whole thing, and am...
  8. developer

    Halloween - Trick or Treat?

    My wife made this - she also made some paper ghosts with 50p inside each one and opened a large tin of Quality Street to offer. The lit candle obviously draws the trick or treaters and accordingly the doorbell has been ringing. She does it because it's "for the children". The last two...
  9. Meldrew2

    Guess where I'm going for my birthday treat!

    OK - 20 questions. I've not bought a car recently, but I'm going for a day to do something I'm looking forward to, so ask away........... .
  10. G

    Photo Treat for C43 lovers

    I apologize if this isn't the right area, but since this car isn't mine, I didn't want to put it in the albums forum. Borrowed the neighbor's C43 for a quick photoshoot. Boy this thing sure feels different from my C230K.
  11. N

    The correct way to treat any classic car.

    Why the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing is so damn special, as described by an owner
  12. P

    W202 Wing rust - remove wing to treat

    hi my 97 car is is due to to go into the paint shop at some point soon to be fix a few rust scabs and various dings but i have have decided now sort the rusty front arches out properly myself up front, there are not too bad and still in one piece, every bodyshop i went to tutted when i said...
  13. The Boss

    tasty treat spotted at a Lacross tournament today

    a stunning e220 cabrio. spoke to the owner, the father of one of the tournament players. this car he bought in 2000, now has 60,000 on the clock, he had it resprayed from ruby red to this stunning bentley red, looks amazing. he is from south africa, car spends most its time in his garage, and...
  14. horgantrevor

    what's best to treat rust and seal under car

    hi im looking to treat some rust under the car i have a little but im looking for some thing that you treat the rust first and then seal with some under seal any tips would be great thx
  15. The Boss

    a little treat over at mb colindale today

  16. U

    AMG II Treat

    As some of you may know or not but I have had a set of AMG II Staggered sitting in the garage (over a year) waiting on me to make them look nicer but the truth was I just not had the time nor money to sort them out. But my rear wheels were close to the limit so I thought instead why not put...
  17. st13phil

    Why do (some) Mercedes Dealers treat you so well?

    As a sort of counterpoint to Ian’s (flanai1’s) thread about his bad experiences with Mercedes-Benz dealerships while trying to buy a new car, I thought it would be worthwhile sharing my recent experience. As a result of buying my wife’s SLK350 in 2009, I have a relationship with two local...
  18. flango

    Why do MB Dealers treat you like sh*t ?

    Been this morning to enquire about the E class coupe so I'm looking at a £40k spend, the salesman could not remove his head from his backside long enough to be even bothered to talk to me. Totally useless asked for the sales manager and got some pratt who knew nothing about the car, couldn't...
  19. bpsorrel

    My S211 get's a treat today!

    Count me in with the many people who have been thrilled with the service Olly at PCS gives to his customer's cars! Took my E down to Olly's today and was really impressed! Got the works including some software updates that make the car even nicer to play with! Great guy, great team and well...
  20. R

    Rust - how to deal with it? scrape out, treat, prime, paint?

    Hi, I'm going to do some rust repair on my car. I had a previous thread on here that didn't get much response, which is odd considering MB's rust! The Process From my reading the majority suggest a process such as: scratch out/grind out rust using a dremel or similar treat with some...
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