1. brucemillar

    Supercar owners treated like criminals

    I read this on my commute home. An update on previous posts about the similar subject. London supercar drivers: 'We're being treated like 'criminals' | London | News | London Evening Standard FYI: Where I live many locals have now got together to protest about a "lack" of action by the...
  2. Jukie

    Treated myself...... Picked it up today from MB Coldstream, who were great to deal with. Just a couple of pics (see above link) after an enjoyable drive home in glorious sunshine through superb countryside. E350 CDi A/G (03/2011) in Tansanite...
  3. Justin1600

    Bikers ! Treated my self to a new Crash helmet

    A new Crash helmet for my collection :D one of the best out there.
  4. MB-BTurbo

    Rust pics, can this be treated?

    As per the title can I use the drainage holes to squirt some WD40, grease or any other product to fight and prevent the rust from spreading? The holes give easy access to where the rust is if using an aerosol and will seep into the lower bit of the tailgate where the water gathers and cant...
  5. J

    Low gas pressure is treated as emergency

    It took me weeks to get a boiler up and running again. The boiler manufacturer said the gas pressure is dittering too low between 16 and 18 millibars. He was using an electronic manometer. I wrote to E-On the gas supplier, it took them a week to reply today. They said it not their problem...
  6. N

    Rough idea of the cost of getting arches treated and sprayed?

    Has anyone paid to have all 4 arches done on a w210 E Class? I've just been quoted £390+vat which i think is a bit steep, i don't have much to compare it with at the moment but i'll be getting other quotes over the next few days. Work getting done was all 4 arches, leading bottom edges of...
  7. B

    SRS fault, was I treated right?

    My first post. I need your collective advice on this please. I own a W208 with full MB service history (private sale: '2000'yr model 230 CLK Kompressor '40,000' miles and full AA vehicle inspection). After only covering 3000 miles myself, I was recently presented with an 'SRS' light on my...
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