1. Silver CL55

    Any particular recommendations for treating tanzanite blue paint?

    I've got Autoglym products as they were pretty good for my obsidian black CLS.
  2. Howard

    This should stop the trick or treating kids this year

  3. R

    Treating rust - scratches and stonechips - POR15, Bilt Hamber?

    Hi, I've got a 1999 CLK ... and with German build quality there is a fair amount of rust! :mad: Now I’d like to treat it, and stop it in its tracks! I've been reading up all over the place. I've found that Hammerite doesn't seem up to much. Bilt Hamber seems new and a possible good bet, but...
  4. verytalldave

    Treating Leather seats

    I was wondering whether my leather seats in my 2004 W203 would ever need any kind of treatment to keep them looking good and preventing premature aging? I was thinking of something quick and easy like a spray on treatment which only needs a quick wipe over with a cloth. Not something time...
  5. R

    Treating Leather seats

    Please does anyone have any good recommendations of products worth using on interior seats, dash etc? Thanks Ian
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