1. WDB124066

    Wheel treatment options.

    What's the best treatment to help keep these wheels looking good in service, is there any product better than most at this...?
  2. B

    leather seat treatment.

    hi just looking for information regarding treating the leather seats, which is the best cream to use please. Thanks' Bill.
  3. clk320x

    Rust Treatment

    Just spotted a little bit of rust on the inner drivers side wing Keen to treat it before it spreads Is there any chemical that can be applied straight onto it to prevent it spreading? Or does it require sanding etc Thanks
  4. merc85

    My w211 Gets a Zymol Treatment

    Treated the car to a Zymol HD cleanse, Followed by Zymol Carbon as a top coat. Lovely finish and well worth the money.
  5. whirsk

    C124 300ce rust treatment advice

    Hi Folks It's time for the 300ce to go back into storage for the winter, there is one area of rust at passenger side rear window. I was hoping to get some advice on how best to treat this area to prevent further spread whilst in storage? Thanks in advance. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. bob6600

    Combined Car Air-Con Recharge and Anti-Bacterial Treatment for £32.95 @ATS

    Normal price is £55.99 if you buy both the recharge and clean together. It is via Groupon so you purchase the voucher, ring up ATS and make an appointment and present your voucher when you arrive (either paper or via the app)...
  7. Headhurts

    Seat treatment

    I will be collecting my new E350 Night Edition (S212) in a couple of weeks and as is the norm have been offered the normal extras GAP insurance (my current insurer replaces a written off car with a new one in the first two years so not needed), paint and leather protection (I am very careful...
  8. Charles Morgan

    Exhaust manifold treatment - Calyx

    Cross posted from my W114 coupe rebuild thread, but a really nice product for bringing up an exhaust manifold. Today's job was cleaning up the exhaust manifold and downpipe. ss201 had recommended Calyx manifold treatment in another thread, so I ordered some and picked up the necessary cheap...
  9. ioweddie

    Treatment for new car Lifeshine or Carnuba?

    Having just got the new brilliant blue c class, after the dealers pdi. The dealer offered lifeshine £299 I declined. Is it worth doing lifeshine with a kit I bought on ebay (£13.95) on the paintwork straight away or do I need to do any prep work other than ensuring its clean and dust free. Or...
  10. R129mine

    R129 front wing rust treatment

    I noticed a few years back that there was a slight bubbling on both front wings of my R129, 2 summers ago I had some time to try and tackle this issue. I basically Sanded down the the rusty bits, used jenolite and Zinc Primer and then spray painted it for an amateur it was not a bad first...
  11. developer

    E63S Gets Its Gtechniq Treatment

    Russ and Harry at Midlands Car Care (Walsall) gave my car "the treatment" over the last few days. This is the second E63 of mine they've applied Gtechniq products to :thumb:. Gtechniq Smart Surface Science | Basically, the car is cleaned, degreased, two stage polished and then sealed, meaning...
  12. F

    rust treatment

    I've used Kurust a far bit in the past, for small bits of corrosion here and there, easy to use and quite effective. I read of Aquasteel on here somewhere and asked a few people in the offshore energy industry about it too. Seems to be regarded as pretty good stuff so I got some to tackle the...
  13. Vito

    Aqua-Steel Rust Treatment.

    I have just purchased a 2003 230 SLK for my daughter that has only done 49K from new with a full MBSH from a friend of mine who owned it from new and always kept it garaged. The bad news is there are small rust bubbles appearing on the N/S/R wheel arch and with it being an immaculate looking...
  14. B

    underbody rust and treatment

    hi, my vito has a lot of quit a lot of rust underneath. As far I can tell not structural, just surface rust. I have successfully treated and removed rust from the bodywork. But from what I understand to remove the rust from the underbody, you have to; clean, remove surface rust (wire brush it)...
  15. D

    W211 E55: Gliptone leather treatment results

    Only bought this W211 E55 on Saturday and I've started refreshing bits already and this afternoon I made a start on the leather using the well recommended Gliptone products. I think pictures can say a thousand words: Pre-treatment: Halfway through: Finish:
  16. cinek

    Leather interior

    Is there any treatment available for leather interior (when new), to prolong its life and make cleaning a bit easier? I am interested in a product or in fact a service somebody maybe have had applied to their car. Many thanks in advance
  17. Charles Morgan

    Chrome treatment

    The grille of my 190 is polished regularly with Autosol or T Cut metal polish, depending upon which comes to hand. After a couple of weeks it starts showing rust spots which really never go away despite the polishing. Are there any better products out there as the abrasion of the polish is...
  18. A

    Retinitis Pigmentosa Symptoms, Definition, Causes, treatment

    Retinitis pigmentosa is a medical term used to describe an eye disease in which there is damage done to the retina. Quick Facts Retinitis Pigmentosa is the kind of medical condition that involves damage to the retina in the eye It is essentially an eye disease in which retina is...
  19. W

    polished face alloys: spot corrosion treatment?

    Will be needing new tyres soon, and wondering about refurbing the alloys at the same time. There are some spots of corrosion on the face of my polished alloys. The lacquer is damaged in some places and there is the usual powdery corrosion underneath. Hoping to keep the cost down, so was...
  20. SilverSaloon

    Woodworm treatment products

    Hi some good property advice on this forum, so i thought i'd ask a bit about the common furniture beetle who are squatting in my new-to-me house (according to "damp specialist surveyor/salesman" which could just be touting for business, we shall see), anyway... I'm looking at treating the roof...
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