1. nick mercedes

    magic money tree

    I keep getting spam and ads about PCP deals. Todays: "Mercedes-Benz C Class Diesel Cabriolet C220d AMG Line 2dr Auto" £249 a month. £42510 if you want to buy it But, the rentals and deposit only add up to £9570, leaving £32940, at the end of the contract it will be off to the...
  2. ioweddie

    Family Tree. Anyone done one? Who would you recommed.

    I'm thinking about doing my family tree, there seems so many different websites, who does any one recommend please. Thanks Eddie
  3. developer

    Happy Christmas (Tree)

    Happy Christmas forum pals - I hope you and yours have a super time :thumb:. Shown a few times before, here's my good lady's Christmas tree, that can take upto a week from creating the space, to mounting the fairy (oo-er).
  4. Piff

    Tree stump grinding

    I have 4 large tree stumps to get rid of, between 700mm & 900mm diameter and probably just as deep. It has been suggested to me that stump grinding is the best option. Not done this before, normally get them hooked out with a digger, but this then leaves the problem of disposing of the stump...
  5. K

    w204 face lift n/s passenger wing mirror glass lost against a tree

    Hi all, I hit a tree earlier today and in doing so my passenger wing mirror broke to pieces. Luckily I managed to put it all back together but the glass of the mirror is smashed. Can anyone please help me find a replacement. Ebay only offers what i have found in the past to be very low...
  6. Howard

    8 1/2 ft Christmas tree + CLS

    No problem ;)
  7. R

    The Christmas tree thread:

  8. U

    Tree SAP

    Hi guys, Due to my house being under construction for an extension, I've had to park my car down the road. It's a private area so there's not much worry that its going to be stolen while I sleep or anything along those lines. Tree sap has gone onto the car, and when I noticed it after a car...
  9. merc85

    Blooming Tree Sap! anyone else suffering??

    As above, is anyone else getting peeved at all this tree sap floating about in the air?? My car sits in the garage but everytime i take her out its been getting covered in the stuff, She's fairly well polished and tbh the detailer spray is doing a good job removing it between washes but its...
  10. cctesta

    Tree Sap

    I've been washing my dads CL500 today and there's loads of dried on tree sap. It's like glue. I got some off but it's left quite a mark. Are there any products that can get rid of it?
  11. markjay

    Any tree experts?

    One of our trees is not well... anyone knows what might be causing this - or how to treat it? Many thanks in advance.
  12. M

    Tree glue whats best to remove the little blobs

    Hi when i am washing the car the trees we have here spit and you get little blobs about 2mm in size like a brown glue, they are really hard to get off. Any clues i am using hot water and picking with my nails but still a right job to get off, anyone know any easy tricks. easiest way it don't...
  13. W

    Tree falls on car: Who's responsible?

    I had a near-miss today. When I returned to my parked car, I discovered that a tall tree had blown over and landed on it: Tree down in Malvern (From Malvern Gazette) I did not know that this photo had been taken (and published) and when I got to the car it was already dark. This meant I...
  14. Druk

    ID this tree please.

    At present in a pot and now to go into the garden I need to know which type of soil to replant it in. The little cones are 18 - 20mm dia and the yellow buds (?) give off pollen when shook. Thank-you. .
  15. brucemillar

    Inside a tree trunk. Wow.

    I went for a walk today. Came across this tree that come down across the road. The local log guy (a friend) had cut it up and cleared the road. The trunk was hollowed out when he cut into it. Bees had created a giant hive in the hollow. Possibly the bees created the hollow? Huge honeycombs...
  16. Druk

    Big Tree Country.

    Big Tree Country: the area of Perthshire between Perth and Pitlochry renown for its tall pine trees. Some say the tallest in Britain. We’re just home from our New Years bash at the Inn on the Tay at Grandtully and thought you might like a couple or three photos of this lovely area. This...
  17. 219

    Christmas Tree

    They say the tree should have a star at the top . Who am I to differ ?
  18. I

    Holly Tree Trade Sales Nuneaton

    Just thought I'd share my experience with these guys. Looking for a CLS55 as people may know so made an enquiry. The usual thing - condition of car, any damage, brakes done recently etc. Illiterate email back ignoring all questions - "stuning car mate, come look". I explained I lived some 200...
  19. Spinal

    Plum Tree Advice

    As I near the end of the pizza oven, I'm thinking of re-landscaping the area around it, which is, quite frankly, a mess! I want to put a plum tree near it, but don't know what variety to go for. I'm thinking, it should be self-fertile, have an abundant crop, need as little pruning as...
  20. G

    ml xmas tree lights

    last week or so bas/esp/ets/abs and brake wear light come on when braking but only when nearly stopped! if i touch the brake pedal again it goes out, the pads are very worn and due to replace them this weekend. only replaced the brake switch two weeks ago (from mb) because of brake light stuck...
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