1. John

    Gary Mullen (Freddie Mercury tribute)

    This guy has been around for a long time now but he seems to improved a lot since I last heard him a few years back and prior on SITE. Closest tribute I ever heard, not that I've heard that many:
  2. CreosoteChris

    R109 tribute song

    Listening to wireless this morning before work, I heard the latest sensation of the BBC Radio 2 playlist, Maren Morris’ “My Church”. Rather liking it, I put her name into YouTube whilst eating my muesli, and was presented with a video featuring Ms M driving around in a blue W114 saloon - all...
  3. wu56Shoozz

    A New Heavy Metal Tribute Band ..

    "Twisted F***** Seat Belts" Is it me or Mercedes make crap seat belts.. both my Vito and C Class suffer this and it gets annoying, whereby you unclip the belt go to get out the vehicle and..there's a pool of belt lying in the floorwell, but its twisted up at the pillar and jammed in the...
  4. M

    1971 Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3 AMG Red Sow Tribute

    Love this car. from the article: This 1971 300SEL 6.3 has been turned into a good looking AMG Red Sow tribute. The original competed at the Spa 24 Hours and in the European Touring Car Championship, but with an enlarged, 570 HP, 6.8 liter V8—still routed through the automatic...
  5. I

    CLK-Class Tribute Spot :-)

    Hello guys! I've been faithful Mercedes-Benz enthusiast for almost 5 years. And my affection for the brand began with the W209 CLK-Class which I still consider the best car Mercedes has ever produced. In memory of the discontinued CLK, I created this video with a well-known & lovely soundtrack...
  6. Godot

    A belated Jubilee Tribute (appeals to those of a Monarchist disposition)

  7. coupe deville

    Tribute acts, good thing or not ?

    Saw "Thin Lizzy Experience" on Friday, second spot, not bad but I had my beer goggles on. Saw the real thing in 1976, Brilliant and much missed. What do you guys think of tribute acts ? A good substitute when you can't see the real thing or somebody profiting on the back of another's talent ...
  8. Steve_Perry

    A Tribute... Ray HarryHausen. You need the sound on! I dare you not to laugh :p :D S.
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