1. M.A.94

    Sanding tips and tricks ?

    Right so last summer I decided to sand back the dishes on my amg monoblocks to achieve a mirror polished finish. I went through various grades of wet sanding starting from around 120 grit and making my way up to a very fine 2500 grit. For a first time doing something like this I was...
  2. ringway

    If you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

    Try with a 6 month old pup. kEsW6unZMes
  3. Herishi

    fuel saving tricks

    Guys I notice whatever car I have, it gets worse in the winter. This is particularly important now as my e280 is a bit of a diesel alcoholic :-) If I employ full hypermiling mode in the summer I get an average of 36-37mpg but now the weather has changed its 33-34mpg. And this is staying...
  4. rucas

    c240 v.6 tricks and tips?

    Hello everyone im new obvisiously. Stoked to find these forums. Can anyone give me any tricks or tips for upping the performance on my c240. Got it lowered already got dual cold intakes and full exhaust. Thanks!!
  5. skyline pete

    found new hidden tricks on my clk

    when holding key close to door lock press fob open hold it all windows open..then press to lock hold it on fob windows to me..ha ha.:D.. also my door mirrors go a lot darker in the sunshine ..:thumb:
  6. npuk

    Kwik Fit and their tricks ....

    On BBC1 now. Will be on iplayer later.
  7. Ant-toe-knee

    Your money their tricks BBC1 2000hrs

    The motor trade comes under the spotlight in this episode, as the team reveals how one of Britain's biggest garage chains gets drivers to pay for unnecessary work. Undercover cameras reveal mis-selling of secondhand cars, and there's advice on how to save hundreds of pounds on vehicle insurance.
  8. jonnyMercUK

    C220 Coupe - Tips & Tricks

    I picked up my C220 CDI AMG SPORT last month and now after a month of driving just wondering if there is anything I could have missed? I have the Becker Map Pilot in there, 6 CD Changer & DAB.
  9. A

    W204 - Tips and tricks

    Is there a "tips and tricks" thread somewhere on here, specifically for the W204, but if not that, then a general one would be fine. Looking for stuff that either is in the owners manual but easy missed, or stuff that's simply not documented. During this hot weather I've been stressing trying...
  10. B

    Driving tricks.

    was coming back from the west country today with our kids in the back and the mrs all happily asleep on the M3. the radio consequently was off and i found it a really boring drive for an hour or more. what tricks or games do you play to keep yourself amused on silent drives? i tried picking...
  11. Sp!ke

    w124 230 gearbox removal tricks?

    I'm planning to whip out my gearbox on Tuesday in order to sort out my poorly clutch. Just wondering if there is anything to watch out for , any snags or shortcuts? Anyone done one before? Autodata states removal and refit of the gearbox is 3 hours and 20 minutes and the master...
  12. SilverSaloon

    Advertising tricks!

    I couldnt help chuckle at how this ebay seller takes his photos for his items he sells. Never seen a merc window switch advertised in such a way :)...
  13. Corrado

    iPlayer tips and tricks?

    I frequently use the BBC Radio iPlayer by laptop when I'm out of the UK - and excellent it is too. Aussie TV isn't that great, so the icing on the cake would be to have use of the TV iPlayer but right now it spots that I'm out of the country and refuses to play because of legal stuff. Is...
  14. Carlo

    Tips and tricks from a German site

    I found this very nice site Some cool stuff about the comand ... Etc Greetz Carlo
  15. P

    DAS Star Diagnosis multiplexer tricks

    Dear fellow members, how can I use Das Star Diagnosis 02/06 and 05/06 with a multiplexer that does not "like" these versions? (1.17 bug):crazy: Your help is very much appreciated. ;)
  16. A

    Eye tricks

    1. Click to expand 2. Keep your eye on the dot in the middle 3. Move your head towards the screen and see what happens Warning: may cause nosebleed (joke).
  17. Satch

    Tricks of the wardens

    Parking attendants have been caught on camera admitting they cheat drivers to boost the number of tickets they issue. Undercover investigators filmed a series of wardens confessing their top tricks. The film shows them: Discussing how to give motorists tickets - even after they have driven...
  18. A

    W211 - New Car - Old Tricks

    Wifey was telling me about a 'brand new' company car, a W211 Estate (presume that's still a W211 then), delivered to a guy at her work this week. He was chuffed to bits until he saw the delivery mileage - 148 miles!!! To make matters worse (yes, really) he couldn't get into it in the...
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