1. U

    How tricky is it to retro-fit Keyless start?

    ... in an 04 SL65?
  2. C

    ML320 tricky issue

    Hi all, Have a recurring problem on my ML320. Just turned 50K miles. Always serviced. 50/50 main dealer / local garage.   Symptoms...   At tick over there’s a slight hesitation, a bit like a loose plug lead but more subtle. Its more noticeable in "D" at tick over than when I put it in "N".  ...
  3. C

    ML320 running issues, a tricky one this

    I have a ML320 (2003 model). 50K miles, full service history. Looked after. Converted to run of gas at 10K miles by prior owner (my dad) who ran it faultlessly for 30K miles. It then started having issues which lead to plugs, coils, O2 sensor, crank sensor, leads etc being replaced by a...
  4. D

    Removal of W123 door locks - Tricky?

    Hi all, I'm going to be breaking my 280e saloon this weekend and someone wants the door lock barrel assemblies - How hard are they to remove? Thanks Details of the car here: Retro Rides - Breaking Mercedes 280e W123 - Coventry
  5. developer

    Come on indies/techies - it's tricky test time

    Since I've owned my S211 E320CDI 2008 (V6) it has had a slight vibration at idle (700rpm) felt through the steering wheel and driver's seat. MB Central have accepted it isn't how it should be and have previously changed the engine and gearbox mounts, but to no avail. They raised a query with...
  6. N

    Delivery Valve Seal - Tricky

    I know there are one or two people about to replace their delivery valve seals on their OM606 engines. I would like to sound a note of caution - this is a job that can easily go wrong. The latest to be caught out, albeit with a 603, is here...
  7. BTB 500

    Tricky picture to get ...

    Six days ago I bought a radio controlled helicopter, which I'm learning to fly in the living room :o Today I thought I'd try for an in-flight picture. Quite pleased for a first attempt - not easy hovering a helicopter and taking a picture of it at the same time! :D
  8. Sp!ke

    Tricky Import Question

    I'll try to keep it simple. Basically, a brand new Cherokee was bought in Switzerland using a temporary registration as it was going to be exported to Croatia. Car was driven to Croatia with the intent of registering the car locally. Illness then struck the owner and the car has sat in the...
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