1. michaelk3289

    good cheap trimmer in se london needed

    hi there i am loooking at swapping the cloth on my seat for leather as i want to keep the driver seat elecric, i have a donnor seat (non electric as well the rest of the seats) but need to look at the costs involved also how much do you think it would cost to remove the old seats and put the...
  2. horsesuitedfool

    Leather Trimmer in Surrey??? Anyone know any good ones??

    I want to have the centre sections of my seats in the front and back replaced with new perforated leather in slightly different colour, does anyone know any good car trimmers in Surrey that can do the job?? Cheers...
  3. Mercv8

    Best Leather Trimmer

    Recently had my Supra Trimmed up by Gibson Trimming. Dont know if anyone has heard of them but he is actually a one man team, very genuine bloke at that. The seats were all cloth before he worked is magic, and the side door cards were just plain black. If any...
  4. M

    Interior Trimmer

    Does anyone know a good car interior trimming firm/person based in the Greater Manchester area who can make up custom housings from scratch & trim them to match the car.
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