1. S

    MB Factory trip

    Evening all I've been reading many threads about trips to Germany but thought I would ask the question myself. A friend and I are planning a 4 day road trip to Stuttgart with the intention of seeing as many MB related sites as poss. Singlefingen factory tour, MB museum to name the big...
  2. Marvin16x

    Marvin's UK road trip #4

    Hello everyone, it's that time of the year again ... Marvin's praying for good weather because he's looking to leave Germany for another three-week-or-so UK road trip in less than two weeks. This time I'll have my folding bike attached to the roof rack so it will actually be used instead of...
  3. MercedesDriver

    My annual 2000 mls road trip

    Epping 4.15am It's still dark, car was loaded yesterday and I only hope I haven't forgot something. 1,2,3,4 all in and we are ready to go. Sat nav estimates 1h45min to Folkestone and there are no reported accidents. Perfect. A406 A13 M25 M20 should be a nice ride at this time of a day...
  4. Eddy77

    Road Trip Video - CLK 350 in the Alps

    A video from my recent trip to the Alps: Thoroughly recommended. 2,200 miles in seven days. Zero problems with either car (CLK and a 911). Enjoy!
  5. T

    1995 R129 sl320 owner...French Road Trip... during a 3 month stay in Provence last summer I purchased the aforementioned sl320...with a tight brief ( original Saco design, cream interior and low miles) I identified a 56k mile car which following much discussion I bought unseen in the flesh...collecting it on return to the UK...
  6. Eddy77

    Das Road Trip, Ja!

    So on 9th June I'm off on a nice little road trip. It's my 40th Birthday this year so me and my best buddy are meeting up and doing a convoy roadtrip of the "Alpenstrasse" or "German Alpine Road". It runs from Lake Constance in SW Germany right across through the Bavarian Alps to Austria...
  7. Gentabout

    Road trip

    Looking for some thoughts from those that might have been. We are planning a 10 day trip down to southern France and then in to the alps at the end of the month to play with the new toy and do a bit of geocaching. We have a bit of a plan of what roads we want to drive at the moment but with...
  8. kvz2000

    Wee Saturday trip

    Enjoyable drive yesterday .
  9. A

    4000km - Road Trip

    So my leave starts tomorrow and i will be taking a long trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town (South Africa) Expecting to be doing about 4000 - 5000km for the holiday and this will be the 1st long distance i have had the opportunity to do in the car since i got it in November last year (E280...
  10. Meldrew2

    Road trip suggestions, please.

    OH has expressed a desire to explore Cornwall & Devon. We have a week's cruise leaving Southampton June next year, so we have an opportunity to take another 10 days or so travelling down from home (Lancashire). I like to drive around 2 hours at a time between stops, so I was thinking of the...
  11. L

    W163 ML270 Retrofit Onboard Trip Computer

    Hi Ive read loads of guides and forum threads on retrofitting the onboard computer. Ive got a couple of questions and was wondering if anyone on here had done this and could share their experiences. 1) why do some people cut a hole in the lens? Presumably factory fit would show through the...
  12. C

    W124 Trip Computer Reiserechner

    Haven't seen one of these for a while. Item number 192017919848
  13. N

    Scotland Road Trip

    Hi Guys, after recently buying an SLK55 AMG I decided it would be good to add to the 9000 miles it had on it already. Me and the wife decided to have a few days travelling through Scotland to places we had not been to before. Here are the details of what was a superb 5 days ,in case anybody is...
  14. J

    W246 Trip Meter

    My 2014 B18B0 CDI SE, shows average MPG since "last start", but when you look at "Since Last Reset" the average MPG is blank showing __;__, all other parameters are shown ie MPH, Miles, Hours etc. My previous B Class showed av MPG for the 3 years I had the car, any advise, should it show av MPG
  15. Markjames

    Scotland trip

    Have a trip planned a week tomorrow with a day in York, two days in Edinburgh, a day in Stirling and finally three days in arrochar on loch long. We have planned most things using trip advisor and Google but does anyone have any suggestions of things not to miss. It's our fist trip further north...
  16. merc85

    350 mile round trip e55k

    Silver several shades infact, and had been hit in all 4 corners I reckon. What a complete waste of time:/
  17. Marvin16x

    Marvin's 2016 road trip around England / Wales

    Morning everyone, isn't it lovely when you write a long text on your phone, even save it by copying it to the cache, and the next minute your phone freezes and restarts automatically and all is lost. Happened to me yesterday morning when I woke up in my car somewhere near Rye, down south...
  18. KillerHERTZ

    Road Trip To The Nurburgring Nordschleife

    I have managed to talk my GF into coming with me on a Nurburgring/Amsterdam road trip later this month and was wondering if anyone had any advice? I have never driven in Europe and are planning to take the Chunnel, drive through France, Belgium, Germany to the 'Ring - and possibly Affalterbach...
  19. M

    The Lake Vyrnwy Road Trip

    Long post warning: Better grab a cuppa.... Just spent a couple of very enjoyable days, travelling with my other half, on a road trip around Lake Vyrnwy (mid Wales). The journey was memorable, the scenery stunning and the roads were... 'interesting' :D Been meaning to drive to the lake for...
  20. rusty55

    R129 2016 Road trip or Days out What are you planning.

    Its sunny and that time to plan days out or road trips with your open top cruiser. What are you doing with your SL this summer. Ive just planned a trip through south and north wales via coastal routes going onto Snowdonia,chester,malverns and then home. With a back seat passenger the dog as...
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