1. crockers

    Spyware / Trojan / Warning

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me.. I keep getting a warning flash up telling me I have a trojan ..then one saying spyware.. then telling me to click on a button to find out how to delete it. I get directed to a a website trying to sell me spyware / virus removers...
  2. pammy

    Winfixer 107 - Trojan

    aaaaaaaaaaaargh - don't know how - but I seem to have picked up or been given a trojan. Nothing I've got can get rid of it. Help? Words/actions of one syllable please.:( It seems to be Winfixer 107 - but Adaware, Spybot say they've fixed it - but it's still there.
  3. L

    Trojan Horse Dialer

    I recently discovered I have a Trojan Horse Dialer. While it is removed with AVG, it keeps returning which I suppose is the nature of the beast. Trying to trace it, I found it is in C:_RESTORE\TEMP along with a staggering 2000 odd files. When I went to delete these, I got a message 'Access...
  4. reflexboy

    Funny Pharmacy emails? A worm, trojan or what?

    I keep getting emails with the title 'Pharmacy' or with a letter in the word 'pharmacy' changed. They all come from different email addresses and don't contain anything of any interest. My Dad, whom is with tiscali, and a couple of friends get these too. Im with BT Internet. Is this some sort of...
  5. gary350

    Trojan attacks Microsoft Antispyware are saying that a trojan which can get into bank details (the banks at risk are detailed) (UK) is threatening the new Microsoft antispyware. I just loaded it yesterday, think it calls for disabling and wait for microsoft to say something. The trojan called bankash can come as...
  6. Brian WH

    Ultors Trojan Horse??

    My Norton keeps blocking an attempted attack, or possible attack from the following source. It is usually the same name etc. :eek: Remote Address : : 3324 From : ME-ORZY6DH4VKVQ ( ) Can anyone tell me whether this is a genuine attack or something else...
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