1. Tim203

    Rip off survey...or having your trousers pullef RIGHT down!

    So, as the title suggests here is my survey on paying extortionate prices for things. I am hoping for the usual healthy debate in justifying said prices and it can be anything from car spares to a pint of beer........ Talking of which a pint of cider in Kuala Lumpur was nearly a tenner when I...
  2. brucemillar

    Leaking into trousers

    It's time to get this into the open - no pun intended. Why is that only when wearing light coloured trousers I manage to leak after visiting the loo and re-assembly? This never happens in dark trousers. No. Only in light trousers and where there is an audience. Last week, there I was...
  3. GregDaisley

    Alpinestars Andes Drystar Motorcycle Jacket & Trousers - LARGE

    Alpinestars Andes Drystar Motorcycle Jacket & Trousers - LARGE Used once, no longer needed as I've now sold my bike... Mint, as new condition. RRP Jacket £190, Trousers £160. Best kit on the market. Both size Large. Further info: Jacket The technically advanced...
  4. Palfrem

    Clean trousers anyone?

    Video: Driver's terrifying crossing of floating bridge in Russia goes viral - Telegraph Holy smoke!
  5. Palfrem

    Clean trousers anyone - scary

    BBC News - M6 wrong way lorry driver Pal Korbely jailed I can't begin to imagine what this must have been like!
  6. Gucci

    Accelerator stuck to the floor!!...nearly ruined new trousers

    Went to wedding reception last night. Directions given were pony - so had to do u-turn then floored it back down the A-road. Coming up to roundabout - pedal still stuck fully open :eek: Hazards on, braked - revs cut off I assume as I had foot hard on brake, so took the opportunity to park and...
  7. simonl

    SLK230: All mouth and no trousers

    Hi all, I don't know if it's me but lately, when i kick down at anything above say 40/50, my car seems to go thru the motions of trying to accelerate but then not actually doing a very good job of it. Drops down a gear, high revs, but not much acceleration. I've just had a new air filter...
  8. A

    Brown trousers time

    On my way back up the M1 this morn, in the outside lane at about 90 (km/h obviously) and the car started wobbling. In the time it took for my daughter to say "what's that wobbling" the nearside rear tyre shredded itself and the view behind disappeared in black smoke. Managed to get across to...
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