1. A

    8pm C5 or Channel 171 in HD Ice Road Truckers : Deadliest Roads

    Hello Watched this last week and thought it was great On now 8pm
  2. GrahamC230K

    Ice Road Truckers Series 3

    History channel Thursday 10th September 21:00.
  3. Nik_Endeavour

    ICE Road Truckers - Arctic Ocean

    New Season on Five. They driving over the ocean now
  4. MikeL

    New Series Ice Road Truckers

    A quick heads up for the new series - History Channel HD, Thu 9th October (no timings or other channels as yet) Mike
  5. D

    Truckers to Felixstowe

    Lorry overtaking to be banned on A12? :bannana:
  6. S

    Calling truckers on here Whatcha think
  7. D

    Truckers arrive in London to demand cheaper fuel What are we doing here? we should help them too. Is Grav888 in the crowd?
  8. glojo

    Ice Road Truckers

    has anyone else watched this fascinating series? It's a fly on the wall type documentary featuring Canadian truck drivers delivering goods to the Diamond Mines up near the Artic Circle. They can only deliver goods during the coldest time of the year and work in temperatures of -20 - 30 and...
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