1. gr1nch

    Market Towns : the true heart and mind of the country?

    Catching up on current affairs today, I found this remarkable article for it's description of the French election bellwether town of Donzy. Dozny is indeed a small market town which has, like most French towns, weekly fresh food markets, there twice a week. Marchés - Mairie de DONZY But what a...
  2. 219

    A true classic :)

    Mercedes-Benz 190 (W201) - Classic Car Review | Honest John
  3. ringway

    Front Page Headlines. All True?

    Which front page headlines stick in your memory? There are lots of them Here and Here. Are they all credible?
  4. E

    Pads (C63). Too good to be true?

    Just found these: Front and back for PPP What you reckon? Seems legit enough to me. Mercedes-Benz C-Class C63 AMG C63 2008-2012 FRONT REAR BRAKE PADS BRAND NEW | eBay
  5. WDB124066

    True or False

    A car designed well before the modern energy saver tyres requires less front toe-in when using energy saver tyres. This on account of less drag means less load on suspension that spreads the front wheels apart = less toe-in required. Silly nonsense or something to be aware of...??
  6. N

    True AMG tyre Sizes

    Hi All, Just a quick question. I have a 2003 CLK (Convertible) When the car was bought from new the chap upgraded the wheels to the AMG ones. When I put the reg into the kwick-fit website it brings up tyre sizes that don't look right. I have 225/40/18 and 255/35/18 The website...
  7. R

    This Mercedes myth can't be true?! or can it?

    I was searchinf for R129 parts on google and came across this photographer's website where he chronicals his 129 ownership. I began reading his page and was hoping if forum members could shed some light on the following from his page: Mercedes SL500 "Grille The front grill slats are...
  8. D

    Just found this. True or false?

    Economical with the truth? Ten myths about mpg figures | Top Gear My own experience says I never achieve the so called MPG figures, or anywhere near them. 16 mpg is good for me as I enjoy my car. I accept my driving style probably has an influence....but I bought it to enjoy. Neil
  9. M

    It is true what they say

    If you need to ask how much it is to run a particular car then you can't afford to run it. I have had the pleasure of having an S320 CDI over the last 11 monhts now. I had a major service done when I purchased it with a full gearbox oil change and asked the indy to look for anything else that...
  10. 5

    Solved transmission issue - Too good to be true!

    So here is the story... My 7 speed Mercedes used to have rough shifts (1-2 and 3-2) only when cold. From "cold", I mean when the transmission is cooled down like first start in the morning. I do not mean freezing temperature. I was away for 2 months and my dad drove the car meanwhile. He is...
  11. merc85

    Cant be True c220 cdi / c320cdi

    Bare with me, I run a small Motor Factor Business in essex, the chap who works for me has a 2005 c220 cdi in black and loves it but with only one key which his always worried loosing so was looking to buy a second. He is so taken with the c220 he decided to look for a c320 cdi in Silver as he...
  12. E

    What Car True MPG survey

    Just got the usual email from What Car and one of the articles is about true MPG. How can they be so far out and why don't the regulators make the manufacturers change the way there tested. Here's a couple of them. The rest can be found here. Real-world MPG: Most economical executive cars -...
  13. Harrythedog

    Farewell to a true sporting legend

    Johnny Wilkinson played his last pro game today scoring 15 points in his side's 18-10 win. A real legend in sport, thanks for the memories Johnny and enjoy the rest of your life. Who can forget that drop goal in 2003?
  14. R

    Is this too good to be true? Seen this website and listed are plenty of cheap cars. For example 11 plate cls 350 for £15.5k and a e350 for at £8.8k. What does everyone else think? Too good to be true?
  15. S

    ?too good to be true- good 5 seater

    spotted on autotrader - shame it's not a 7 seater! not even 1yr old with 2K only on clock- ?21K discount on new price- obviously pre-facelift. this is their website if anyone interested- the car is not on the www though
  16. The _Don

    MB sends new £25k car 189 meters down a Cheshire salt mine to prove it has true grit
  17. B

    Is it true

    Friend of mine was saying my W220 S class can be fitted with a blue tooth device that fits right into the original phone cradle Is there such a device. he also said theres a digital plug and play for the TV which is currently not working due to being the old analog system. Mine is a Nov 1999 S...
  18. Wagon

    the true cost of running a car ..calculator

    Calculator: True cost of running a car | This is Money £106 for the C43 as do low miles , the 911 is in the negatives :)
  19. The _Don

    Lloyds Bank Southall Branch re-opening but in true Punjabi style..
  20. Borys

    Finally my dream came true !!!

    Swapped my cls for w221 !!! 2007 black on black, love it !!! Nearly wet my trousers yesterday he he
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