1. EddieinSardinia

    Newbie with an odd trunk latch issue

    Hi everyone. I tried to search the site for anything on the infamous trunk not opening on the 2001 c220 W203's, but nothing. I have read most everything on the US site, along with other articles, but nothing actually confronts my problem. All my buttons work, the motor wizzes, but no pop or...
  2. B

    Best/Easiest way to run a cable into trunk? (License Plate) (CL 500)

    Hello, I just bought a license plate flipper for both the front and the back and I need to pull a cable from the left drivers seat where I drive to the front of the license plate and to the back to where the rear license plate is. I sorted out the cable to the front license plate, does...
  3. 4

    w211 trunk won't open

    Hi everybody my car's trunk won't open because of broken wire (because even plate light and brake tail light doesn't work).I tried with key but it won't open .what should i do help please ???????
  4. S

    Trunk Lid spoiler?? e220 saloon??

    Hi, I am currently looking at a few model lines for the eclass, one that has caught my eye is the e220 amg night edition. However I seen a e class saloon drive past me that i liked, it had the rear trunk lid spoiler. can anyone tell me which e class model line comes with the trunk lid spoiler...
  5. R129mine

    R129 trunk light not coming on - fixed

    hi i have owned my R129 for nearly 8 years now and one of the things that really bugged me was the fact that the trunk light would not come on when you opened the trunk, you could manually switch it on by moving the yellow switch but this was not the anwser I found on this mb site...
  6. E

    s320 (w220) power trunk

    Hello I have a problem with a s320 power trunk , the trunk will open and close as it should but when it closes some times it closes you will hear it lock but on the right side near the window it will raise the trunk. what i found out is that most likely the hydraulic unit is pushing to...
  7. RetiredSlider

    Is there actually a fuse for the CLS 55 Power Trunk?

    Howdy All, Can anybody tell me - is there a fuse for the power trunk and/or boot button? The wiring is all good etc but i still can't get the boot to open in any other way than the emergency key. I have replaced (due to being broken) the boot latch, boot angle sensor & boot hinge but it...
  8. Ermir

    water in the trunk

    Guys im having a problem with my w203 trunk. Water enters every time it rains or when washing it. I changed the seal but the problem is there again. It feels wet on the left side, the bottom part of the trunk. Any idea?
  9. A

    R129 Trunk Lid Boot Lid Adjustment?

    Hello all. I have a 1999 SL280 and the trunk lid does not sit correctly. I have to slam it harder in order to close it. It is sitting a little high at the back where it meets the bottom of the roof. Water gets in also when I open the lid especially on the nearside. What is the way to adjust it...
  10. P

    ML 320 Trunk problem

    Hi there,i 've just bought a ML 320 from 2007 and I have a strange problem.Every time i open a door,the trunk opens also.So,each time I get in the car,I must firstly close the trunk and after that,get back in the car.Does anybody know how can I fix this annoying problem?I'm getting tired of...
  11. B

    W164 inner trunk sills

    Hey all, I have been looking for the inner trunk sills since I got my W164, 2 years ago, as the left side started peeling off. I am having a feeling that I am not searching using the right keywords, that is why I posted here. Here's the thing I want to buy: It's the inner part, with...
  12. Ermir

    trunk sealing

    Hi guys. Im going to change the sealing on my w203 couse the old one leaks. I bought anoher used one. Does it need any adhesive or silicon or just pushed in place? Thanks.
  13. H

    Power Trunk Problem

    Good day all... Can't find the answer in our forums on this side of the pond - thought I would see what our friends in the U.K know: Power trunk open feature on my '01 CL55 doesn't work from either the key fob or the door switch. Power close DOES work. Is there an electrical fault for the...
  14. S

    2001 clk trunk issue

    Hi there I've been having some really annoying issues with the trunk of my clk. The red light on the pull up switch at the front dash with the gear is on constantly on which tells me the boot is open. There's 3 ways to open the boot. 1 the button on fob. 2 the actual push button on the boot lid...
  15. T

    Electronic Trunk - Problem !

    Good evening, I am having trouble with the electronic trunk of my W220. When I press the open button (located just above the plate number), the trunk does not open. I need to keep on pressing until it opens. However, the trunk folds down immediately when I press the button. But I need to...
  16. Z

    audio and trunk failure

    Hi i have some problems with audio and trunk. Audio not working at all,no lights nothing and a trunk is not opening as well. Ai tried everything but its opening with car key manually only . I wasn't driving with car 4 days and the battery was flat(still dont now how and why) after i take it...
  17. cinek

    I want a...trunk monkey

  18. brucemillar

    Inside a tree trunk. Wow.

    I went for a walk today. Came across this tree that come down across the road. The local log guy (a friend) had cut it up and cleared the road. The trunk was hollowed out when he cut into it. Bees had created a giant hive in the hollow. Possibly the bees created the hollow? Huge honeycombs...
  19. acer54

    SLK 200 noise from rear passenger side roof or boot area

    Over the last couple of days I've noticed a noise from the rear passenger side roof or boot area. Previously I had the dreaded boot rattle when going over a bump or on an uneven road but sorted it by adjusting the adjusters on the boot lid. This is a different problem it can be heard usually...
  20. Kingpin!

    R-Class cargo mat

    Hi forum! Anybody knows if there are good cargo/trunk/boot mats available the R-Class (2006 SWB)? I'm looking for both with 3rd row folded and without. Preferably genuine MB but that is not critical as long as it is good quality and fits properly. Ideally it is a plastic mat with raised edges.
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