1. rockits

    Why we use and trust decent indy's!

    We know this kind of stuff goes on at some stealers and poor garages but it is pretty shocking to see it so brazen also so obvious.
  2. brucemillar

    A tragic reminder, never, ever trust a car jack.

    Addington man Nick Jones was crushed underneath his own car
  3. markjay

    The People’s Trust - opinions please What do you think? (I heard about this through one of our clients).
  4. Piff

    Would you trust a solicitor?

    So in summer 2014 I hear from the family grape vine that I will be contacted by a solicitor as an unknown relative has died and I have an inheritance heading my way. Contact made by solicitor in Feb 2015 advising that I am identified as one of over 100 beneficiaries. It seems that solicitors...
  5. MancMike

    Would you trust these "My Liftstand" ratcheting car stands?

    I saw these, and while they look really good, I suppose I'd have to inspect the mechanism myself to trust them not to just drop while in use... What do you think? Would you get under a car held up by these? I can't help feeling I'd want to throw a block of wood under each before rolling...

    The National Trust membership?

    Hello fellow National Trust members! I'm thinking about joining the National Trust membership. What does it give me? I've had a look on their web site and it's not to clear to me, is it free entry to every National trust place or just reduced admission, how much reduction?
  7. ioweddie

    oscar pistorius does anyone trust him?

    I think he's as guilty as sin, I recon they had a row she ran in the bathroom to escape his temper by locking the door, he lost it completely. What a load of old tosh about telling her to lay on the floor, am I the only one who thinks he's as tricky as a box of frogs?
  8. developer

    Never trust "the system"

    Only small amounts involved, but the principle remains the same. A letter arrives telling me I owe £30.52 on house policy I altered from unoccupied to occupied cover. I query the figure by phone, as I'm sure they are wrong (occupied is much cheaper). They go away to "speak to Accounts"...
  9. grober

    Energy saving trust green deal and eco

    Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - Grants and savings - Energy Saving Trust Announced today. Good idea or cowboys charter? Expect lots of unsolicited phone calls - you have been warned. :rolleyes:
  10. D

    Never trust a used car dealer.

    Recently bought a 220cdi estate from some indy dealer. Error on my part and never checked the dash to see if the service was due.:doh: Discovered this on getting home, rang him next day and he said the car had and oil and filter change but he didn't reset the light. I decided to do the...
  11. O

    specialist around machester i can trust for suspension work

    Hi, I have been have issue with the suspension on the e55 amg w211, could someone recommend a specialist in Manchester I can trust ,which specialist more into these kinder of problem...thx
  12. D

    Child Trust Fund: Guess The Amount At Five Years Old.

    Just got a letter through from 'the share centre' with our middle child's account balance that was started five year ago. We haven't put anything into these schemes for our three children because we made our own arrangements to pay for their college/university costs etc. So, it started at...
  13. Godot

    Film and Video Library Motor Museum Trust, Beaulieu

  14. sspeed

    You can trust him

    If I am doing the wrong thing by doing this then I apologize... I just thought I would comment on a member on here that is selling MB Key batteries.. I bought 2 packs (4 batteries) and can confirm that the guy is trustworthy and that the batteries are genuine MB ones and unopened...
  15. Druk

    Trust me I'm a doctor.

    YouTube - Waking Up Is Hard To Do
  16. J

    How much do you trust your garage?

    Recently I bought a Conti tyre and told the fitter to pump up to 29psi, he said he did. I went to the nearest Sainsburys to check on the pressure, it was 35psi.:eek: I prefer to do my own services in all my cars if I can. Which? survey reveals nine in ten garages 'fail to repair car...
  17. S

    Child Trust Funds

    Any one financially minded have any advice re the best CTF to invest in, please? Many thanks
  18. Ade B

    Child Trust Fund

    Trying to sort our finances out, anyone any tips on Child Trust Funds.. There seems to be massive differences between different bank rates but I imagine most are better than the current arrangements which is a tin on the book shelf.. As we have the economic wherewithal of our westie, anyone...
  19. E

    Never trust a woman

  20. Geezer

    Never trust a woman

    Dunno if this is 'suitable' or not but it is funny!! :D
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