1. ringway

    The Construction Industry. The Truth.

  2. sspeed

    Uncomfortable Truth

    Hi All, Yesterday (Tuesday) at 8am I dropped my car off at the dealership to have the comfort seat none working pneumatics investigated. He phoned me today to say he has "some" news.. He said "The air pipe coming from the pump had a chafe through it and they had done the authorized repair".. Ooh...
  3. E

    K&N Filters Truth...

    Hello I really never believed about oil going into MAF sensors. Today I found this: K&N Response to Mass Air Flow Sensor Concerns Ive been using K&N Filters for 60,000 kms with no problems. Check the VIDEOS in there...
  4. markjay

    The Truth Behind British Politeness (from The Telegraph)
  5. grober

    Yuri Gagarin the truth revealed?

    Was this the type of aircraft which killed Yuri Gagarin? Apparently it was. Yuri Gagarin Death Finally Revealed 45 Years Later - Space News - redOrbit
  6. T

    Replacement Keyless Go cards - the truth?

    Hi all, I have conflicting stories from various Mercedes dealers over keyless go/entry cards for a 2003 CL. I have one card that is damaged but working and would ideally like 2 cards so have asked 3 Merc dealers how to get 2 new cards (1 to replace the existing 1 and 1 new). Dealer 1 - said...
  7. colin.c43

    Why can't sellers tell the truth?

    I won this and went to collect it today: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Messy ad, but I had sent seven (yes seven) emails asking clarification. All MOT's? Yes = actually no, only two present Full Mercedes history? Yes = er, no, duplicate book, first two years blank, 3 Mercedes stamps then 3...
  8. S

    Am I being told the truth?

    The ongoing saga with my C270 continues.... I called today to check when I'll be having my car back and was told that the part they need to fix the rear screen demister also works the fuel gauge (!!?) So they've had to find the part which will be here tomorrow. Does this sound right to anyone...
  9. Z

    W204 AUTO Box Fluid Change - what is the truth

    Hi, Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but I would like the truth from someone really in the know, not just what you think should be done. I have a W204 C180 K. My preference would be to change oil in the gearbox, but at my last service I prompted the dealer about it and had a call back...
  10. developer

    Is the "learning" gearbox truth or fiction?

    Most of my journeys are suburb and city based and as such, fairly sedate, with the gearbox being allowed to change under part throttle openings. Today I gave it some beans and I thought there was some lag between kickdown and (rather) rapid take off. It's been said that the gearbox learns...
  11. ceticcross

    Is the truth OUT there re Lug bolts

    Hi All, about to take a trip to Ireland in my 2003 320CDI. Decided to check spare wheel today just in case. Currently have 18" alloys fitted with a 17" steel spare. I have read various comments about needing shorter bolts to fit the steel spare. Then again I have also read that shorter...
  12. verytalldave

    At long, long last, the truth..............

    I acknowledge this article appears in the Daily Express, however, even they cant print total untruths...............;) Now THIS is worth reading........................:rock: Daily Express | UK News :: 100 reasons why global warming is natural
  13. ringway

    The Truth?

  14. ackee911

    The truth about smoking

    A lot of my friends have started to give up smoing recently. Not sure if it is because of all the support available, the information given out by the NHS or the credit crunch, which is causing this. Or could it be the smoking ban? I've searched everywhere trying to find a proper answer with...
  15. robert.saunders

    Headsup: 9/11 - The Truth Behind The Third Tower On tonight, 9.00pm BBC2. World Trade Centre Building 7 has become the subject of heated speculation and a host of conspiracy theories suggesting it was brought down by a controlled demolition. The 47-storey skyscraper was...
  16. Palfrem

    Oil shortage - the truth at last

    A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in the UK Well, there's a very simple answer. Nobody bothered to check the oil ! We just didn't know we were getting low. The reason for that is purely geographical. Fact 1: Our OIL is located in The North Sea...
  17. verytalldave

    Auto Express reveals the truth ! ! ! !

    An article in todays Daily Mail reports that a forthcoming article in the weekly UK car magazine "Auto Express" reveals the true facts and figures behind the so-called 'ECO CARS' and that they are not as green as their makers claim. Makes for very interesting reading...
  18. glojo

    Never let the truth spoil a good story

    I was reading a newspaper article on another thread and it instantly reminded me of this: The front page exposure of the awful event beggars believe until you actually read what really happened. The headline infers that a Father Christmas character was assaulted in a Torquay store? The...
  19. Sp!ke

    Speed Cameras, the twisted truth

    Interesting article...
  20. Dieselman

    An inconvienient truth

    Has anyone been to see the Al Gore film, An Inconvenient Truth, if so what did you think? Trailer. Here is the list of Uk cinemas it is being shown at.
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