1. spinaltap

    Tsunami Affects Factory Orders

    I contacted my local dealer with a view to upgrading to a newer model (either A or B), with extra kit over standard. The dealer informed me that if I wanted specific upgrades (such as Audio 50) then electronic component shortages caused by the Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake meant that they...
  2. swannymere

    Tsunami Miracle Dog

    One for the animal lovers out there,my dogs got extra cuddles and treats tonight! Oh and a big slap to the first muppet who insinuates the crew ate the dog;) Tsunami Miracle Dog
  3. Ade B


    Don't know if you've seen this, I watched the footage from here earlier :eek: Frightening stuff.. the destructive power of the water is astonishing. Hope that the extensive damage doesn't result in extensive loss of life.. a massive area has been affected. Ade
  4. W

    Tsunami - Powerful quake off Samoa islands

    Maybe not so relevant for a UK forum, but worth spreading the word for friends and familt abroad: BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Powerful quake off Samoa islands
  5. Simon

    Tsunami Earthquake Appeal

    If any of you want to donate some money, this is the Disasters Emergency Committee Website who are managing the appeal in the UK.
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