1. CLSMark

    Going to wheels in motion on Tuesday. (Car pulling to the left)

    This is my 3rd week of MB ownership, and since day one I've felt flat due to it constantly pulling to the left, I've had it tracked, balanced/tyre pressures, but still no joy. It's actually hurting my wrist holding the damn thing straight. So did some googling, and it threw up WIM, the bloke on...
  2. Dave.tam

    Pick up the new car on Tuesday :)

    Morning all. New guy from SE London, new to this forum, but not to forums in general. I drive a 2014 C180 arm, but pick up two new cars on Tuesday :bannana: Getting a C250 Sport Premium Plus for myself, and an A250 AMG for the Mrs. She has a 2014 Honda Civic SR currently. Looking...
  3. Alfie

    Spandau Ballet Tickets for sale tuesday evening

    I have two Spandau Ballet tickets for sale tomorrow night at the O2. Face value is £75 each. Looking for £100 the pair. email me on sales@comand.co.uk I can email the tickets as they are PDF's.
  4. acej

    Goodwood August 13th Tuesday 105db day.

    I know a few members have tried to get this off the ground before but an option for the above day has come up and it's a loud day 105db. I can must a definite 6 people, possible 8 and to get the cost below £400 we need 20. Any interest? 1-6 Acej 7
  5. T


    Orite guys, thought id put this up here. Have a maximum of £7000 to spend on a nice mercedes diesel tomorrow. Looked at a few cars over the weekend but haven't settled on anything and have booked a day off work tomorrow to buy something. Have a few lined up but open to anything anyone...
  6. MercFanUk

    Top Gear back on tuesday :)

    Top Gear is back this Tuesday! - BBC Top Gear Featuring the SLS on a road trip too :D (Against the Ferrari 458 and Porsche GT3 RS). Can't wait! :bannana:
  7. trapperjohn

    Proposed GTG Cheshire. Tuesday 9th of November.

    Ringway and I were having a natter and decided it would be good if we could have a final pint and some food before the festering season kicks in (he unfortunately cannot make Sheffield now) So I was up for a meet down his way. Anyone fancy joining us. The above day, at say, 7.30ish and by the...
  8. R

    Where for Lunch in Covent Garden (on a Tuesday)?

    Hi, Looking for something we'll remember by the end of the year, so I'm not wasting my cash! It's my girlfriends birthday. Somewhere with some atmosphere at lunch would be good. So here's the shortlist, all in Covent Garden. cafe mode Cafe Mode restaurant in 57 - 59 Endell Street, London...
  9. P

    Wheeler Dealers Tuesday 17 Nov - M3 'vert E36

    Not sure if anyone watches it, I do! This week they have a crack at an E36 M3 Evo Convertible.... and as if by magic here it is for sale on eBay! Have to say it looks great, black suits it. I wonder what Ed China Did to it and how much they bought and sold it for? Looks a bit...
  10. Ian B Walker

    Tuesday rant

    Just been to my local stealers (as that is what they are). I enquired about the price of a new electric motor and regulator for my drivers door on the Coupe. Total cost...............................£375+vat :eek: :eek: They can forget that. Asked about some form of discount, they didnt want to...
  11. PJH

    Ayrton Senna prog on BBC2 tonight Tuesday 16th.

    Info only.
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