1. A

    MOST loop for TV tuner - male or female?

    I wonder can someone help me out since I want to order one online ASAP and don't get home early enough to take the boot apart in daylight! In order to bypass the digital TV tuner in my CLS55, which sex adaptor is required? Also, any issues with the cheap plastic bypass loops rather than...
  2. G

    2007 W221 S500 Tv tuner

    Hi all I recently bought a W221. The tv tuner is not picking up any channels just static plus some radio station. Its a digital tuner I can select different countries an do a autotune but still no picture? Could it be the attenna? all other functions are working radio,dvd,nav and keyless go...
  3. L

    Alpine T152 TV Tuner

    Hi Ive pulled the Apline T152 TV tuner from my 270ML. Included is the tuner box, the remote and manual. Ive not removed any other wires. As analogue isn't available where I live I cant test. Make me an offer, seems european's still buy these.
  4. L

    2003 270ML W163 Comand TV Tuner

    Hi Just bought a 2003 270ML Inspiration - would I be right in thinking the Tv tuner is analogue only? Thanks Louis
  5. Ray1888

    For sale Bluefin Superchips hand held tuner

    I have a Bluefin Obd port hand held Tuner,you phone Superchips and they will reprogram it For your specific model for approx £200 You can put your map on and off as you like and it takes about 5 minutes to install or uninstall,it's a great bit of kit Want £75 for the bluefin Ono Feel free to...
  6. R

    NTG4.5 DAB tuner resets - anyone else seeing this ?

    Hi All I have two NTG4.5 cars which are both experiencing the following Display shows Device Unavailable then Please Wait then Station list with no signal then Station list and (95% of the time sound back again) Loop takes about 5 seconds and happens every few minutes...
  7. J

    360 Camera and TV Tuner

    Last week I chopped in my 2009 E350 coupe for a new one and have to say I am very impressed!! Its amazing how technology has moved on in 6 years. New car has 360 camera and I was going to fit a Helfrauds dashcam for recording purposes. It then occurred to me - has anybody devised a way to...
  8. R

    Aftermarket Digital TV Tuner

    Hi I do a lot of sitting around in the car and was wondering if I can get a digital TV tuner fitted in my new 65 plate ML250. It has the media interface built in with reversing camera and plays video through my iPod when stationary currently. Did used to have digital Tv in my old car before the...
  9. M

    w221 Retrofit DAB and TV tuner

    Hi peeps. I Have a TV tuner and a DAB receiver from a s class. I also have a donor wiring loom but can't figure out what wires I'd need to help get this fitted in my car. My car is a non Harmon Kardon model. Does any one have any experience with this. Could I buy a wiring loom from somewhere.
  10. JamesRan

    W220 Aux+TV Tuner Issue

    Hi All Sometimes when I get in the car, and switch the Command unit to Aux, which my iPhone and freeview box are plugged into, nothing comes on. The radio (FM/AM) however seems to be absolutely fine. My suspicion is the TV tuner in the boot (where the 2 aux points are) for some...
  11. Sky Bear

    W221 Adding tv tuner to car

    Hi all, After some advice, apologies if it has been asked before but I failed to find anything using the search function. I am looking at an buying a 2007 S class I have seen with rear seat entertainment. You can play dvd films in the rear two screens and the front but it does not have a...
  12. J

    W169 Tv tuner

    Hi I own a W169 2010 A160 blue efficiency fitted with the Audio 5. Recently I have retrofitted a command NTG2.5 unit ( the one with the hard disk drive and the SD card slot in the front). Everythink works ok but now I want to fit a TV tuner. Does anyone nows what do I need for that? Thank...
  13. D

    W204 C Class TV Tuner

    Has anyone had it fitted from factory or retro fitted? I found a few oem tv tuner modules on ebay. How would these get installed? thanks.
  14. C

    W211 2006 Tv tuner retrofit Question ?? HELP PLEASE !

    Hi all i have bought an analogue tv tuner for my W211 2006 and now i bought the digital box to get digital tv here in the uk . i have set up everything with all the wiring and everything and i have a menu and aux 1 and aux 2 . when i click aux 1 it works but only sound not picture ?????. can...
  15. C

    Mercedes Benz W211 2006 TV Tuner Retrofit

    Hi all , I need some help on fitting my TV tuner on my Mercedes E320 cdi sport 2006 . I recently purchased a TV tuner with the part number : A211 820 1497, which is suppose to be the right one for my car and my question is, does this unit operate direct through most optical connection to the...
  16. soups74

    Comand 2.0 with tv...wheres the tv tuner?

    Hi. I have a comand 2.0 tv/sat nav unit in my car. How easy is it to get to the tv tuner, which I think is by the drivers' side rear wheel arch in the boot??? I have a 2003 clk and would like to try and find it without wrecking the inside panelling cards of the boot! Thanks, Philip
  17. S

    Why does my TV tuner keep dropping out

    Hi, I've started using my TV tuner for playing audio via the AV1 input. The car is a S320 - W220 model 2001 with D2B bus for the Comand 2.5 system. Factory fitted TV tuner in boot. However, the TV tuner has an annoying habit of cutting in and out. Please see a short video of the fault...
  18. N

    tv tuner for NTG 2.5

    hi I'm new to this site and wondered if any one has fitted a tv tuner to Comand NTG 2.5. I have a W251 R class 13 reg and want to a add tv tuner for the rear factory screens. i have seen a DAS DVB-T M44 tuner on ebay and this will connect via fibre optic MOST???? to the Comand. any help on this...
  19. RattlerRattler

    How to check for Digital tuner / TV?

    I've just got my 2007 SL55, it has a TV module ( I think) as I can select TV from the Comand screen, but it won't change from channel 67 and displays no image. So, is this because it is an analog tuner? Is there a digital tuner included within later Comand units at all? Or are these always...
  20. A

    W211 tv tuner need help

    Hi to all I just install tv tuner. :fail Now i have problem. :dk:No picture on comand display only sound from tv channel :devil: I checked AUX in tv tuner and its working fine. I change 2 antenna amplifiers with tv support.:wallbash: Also i found that on RIGHT amplifier have only 2 wires but...
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