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    Looking for a Decent Tune-up in Essex

    Hi, I have recently completed a rebuild to a 1979 R107 350 SL V8 and am looking for a garage that can do a decent tune up on it as it has a problem with re-starting from hot and I think there is a coil and resistor fault. Also the idle and injection system needs to be set up as it has all been...
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    Italian Tune-up + Best MOT ever.

    My very good friend asked me to get his C240 MOT'd so I duly obliged and booked it into the local garage that I've used for some years. The car was straight in at 9.00 am and by 9.05 I had a cup of coffee handed to me. All was going well until it came to the emissions part. The car rarely...
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    Advice needed - no MoT, need Italian tune-up

    My Volvo has failed its MoT on emissions only. The old MoT has expired and the tax is due at the end of the month. The CO was 7%, and the garage has supplied injector cleaner and told me to drive it hard. This has been confirmed by other knowledgaeble machanics. It is a Mitsubishi GDi engine...
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