1. MSG2004

    Latest 250d - How many Turbos?

    Hello Looked at the engine bay today for the first time since we bought out brand new GLE 250d amg-line. Does it have one large and one small turbo? Looked up the internet, can't tell s little info re the face-lift model. Thanks.
  2. The _Don

    Mercedes-AMG considering electric turbos

  3. Haris

    16" Zender Turbos

    Zender Turbos Diameter: 16" Width: Fronts 7J Rear 8J ET: Front ET23 Rear ET11 PCD: 5x112 As you can see finished in silver with black detailing. One wheel has 2 small chips where the paint has come away, all others are very clean. Come with original centre caps, I will source some bolts...
  4. Bellow

    Do failing failed turbos oil plugs?

    As per thread title. The engine in my car with 'Engineered by Mercedes-Benz' emblazoned upon it has been consuming oil at the rate of 0.5-0.7 litres / 500 miles for a while now and the suspicion has been it's gone the way of all smart Suprexes and is allowing it past the rings to burn. At this...
  5. AMG-Al

    Talk to me about B200 Turbos.

    After e v e n t u a l l y managing to sell Mrs AMG's ML270 she is currently spending hour after hour on the interweb searching for a replacement. The ML was an unusual choice for her, but that was what she wanted so who was I to argue. The current selections have been in the V6...
  6. Khamen

    Turbos all the way down...

    So I read yesterday that AMG have stated that the SLS, SLK55 and C63 wil be the last ever normally aspirated cars to come out of Affalterbach. The venerable 6.2L V8 is being phased out and from now on the 5.5L V8 twin turbo will be the weapon of choice. What do you think? Good thing/bad...
  7. Haris

    15" Zender Turbos: Awesome retro wheels

    Width: 7J All round PCD: 5x112 ET: 22 Here we have some 15x7 Zender Turbos, fairly rare and probably one of the coolest retro wheels! They are sandblasted ready to be painted! £250ovno
  8. O

    2x Garrett T2 turbos & Turbo Technics exhaust for W124 coupe

    I've upgraded my turbos and exhaust so the old parts are now up for sale. Only 3500km driven with these parts (<500km on the cats). Let me know if you're interested. Will part out if someone wants to buy turbos/cats/mufflers separately.
  9. M

    5x112 17-Inch Lorinser Turbos

    Advertising on behalf of a colleague. He says: '4 Lorinser Turbine wheels, one with slight kerb rash. Could do with a bit of a clean/polish but otherwise good. Fitted with 4 Vredestein 235/45 17s, all have reasonable tread. PCD is 5x112 (Mercedes) but they've been on my VW T25. Very good...
  10. G

    E300D - turbos in the UK?

    Hi, I'm now after a W124 3.0 turbo diesel. Can anyone tell me what years/how I can tell? None of the 300D/E300D mention turbos in the adverts, Parkers indicate that ALL 3.0 litre W124's were turbo, those before about 1993 being lower power (no intercooler?) and the later 'E300D' badged ones...
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