1. Spinal

    EDF Energy Turd!?

    Right, stressing a bit here and haven't slept much, so my mind may be playing tricks on me... That said, I just saw an advert for EDF Energy that has a little turd as a mascot... Is it just me?! There is also some similarity with Mr. Hanky (the Christmas Poo from Southpark) M.
  2. adam87

    Who said you can't polish a turd?

    This was one of my projects I bought for a laugh for a mere £80, yes, £80 Eight-Zero. FSH, 88k miles, 3 owners and nearly a full tank of diesel. :thumb: Had been sat for 4 years not being used and was a bit dirty :rolleyes: It went from this... To...
  3. BaldGuy

    Bird Turd..

    I've had a really ill bird or by the size of it an emu crap on my car and its kind of oxidized the paint, after lots of soapy water and then "T" Cut, its left a weird mark on the paintwork... Any ideas on how to remove this?
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