1. T

    Music on while car turned off - batt warnings?

    Hi All I have a 2011 W212, sometimes I have car turned off and listen to music (audio 50 iPod interface) if I've got a long wait, after half an hour I always get a bit worried and switch it off as i'm worried about the battery going flat. Question was, is there any protection built in that...
  2. T

    Auto door locking turned on or off

    Hi folks, I have ( I had thought) disabled the auto door locking feature on my 2012 C Class in case I get locked out. Book says it locks automatically if the wheels are turning and the engine is running. I turned it off at the start of my last trip by holding the 'unlock' button until I heard...
  3. 91dm

    Could this be turned around?

    I've been looking for something as a project, I seen this when it was first listed and watched it since. 1991 MERCEDES 190E 2.5-16 BLACK | eBay Has anyone seen it in the flesh? If it lost the wheels, grill, eyebrows, mirrors and tints it would automatically be improved. I can see the...
  4. M

    Mercedes SL500 turned into a Ferrari California

    At least this replica will have quality. From the article: A trained eye can usually detect a doppelganger in a matter of seconds, but you'll need more than that for this Ferrari California replica. 11 pictures, video, and full article .
  5. Crazyfool

    My car has been turned into a taxi!

    I am sitting in the passenger seat for the first time and just noticed this... I can live with the warning sign on the inside of the visor, but to have the same on the outside... Really!!!
  6. J

    W211 V6CDI Glow Plug light turned off- how do I turn it back on??!!

    Hi, My car has a note in the service history saying "No 2 Glow plug snapped, have turned glow plug light off via STAR" I've now had all 6 Glow Plugs changed with No2 being drilled out and a new glow plug relay too. However although they do now work there is still no light on the dash on...
  7. C

    Have DISTRONIC PLUS, but no Steer Assist can this option be turned on?

    Hello all, does anyone have any knowledge on how one would either retrofit DISTRONIC PLUS with Steer Assist, or enable this option on a 2012 W221? I am trying to find out if that is just enabling the option or does it require retrofitting additional components These are the required...
  8. Aletank

    Osram Nightbreakers Turned Yellow

    I've had H7 Osram Nightbreaker + in for a couple of years now, I'm sure they weren't this yellow when I first fitted them. Is it likely that they have turned yellow over time ?
  9. GordonTarling

    Look what turned up on our driveway this morning!

    Found this on our driveway this morning. The tree surgeons use the PTO at the rear to drive their chipper - you wouldn't want to fall into that! Great use for an older vehicle.
  10. c_200k

    My car turned 60k today

    Feel's like it's grown up now Got a quote for the Brakes, Disc's and pad's up front and just pad's at the back £1600 Fitted, there goes my holiday :(
  11. Ted

    Diamond turned alloys

    Well, the winter hasn't been kind to the ('diamond turned') alloys on the Kia and they started to go milky on one of the edges. (Not as bad as the AMG ones on the CLK though :/ ) So the nice man at Kia replaced all four free of charge :rock::rock::thumb: I've looked on the web, and I can't...
  12. D

    BAS ASR ABS warning lights only when headlights are turned on.

    1998 w210 E300 TD Estate Hello all, After checking the forums for a solution I found the brake light switch is a common cause of the BAS ASR light. The BAS ASR and ABS warning lights come on but only when the headlights are turned on. I have changed the brake light switch but that has not...
  13. M

    Sounds like fan keeps going after engine turned off

    Hi all Maybe a daft question, not sure but here goes. Sometimes after turning the engine off on my 99/2000 w210 E320CDI, it sounds like the fan or blower keeps going after turning the engine off. I have had a look under the bonnet to try and determine where the noise is coming from. The heater...
  14. C

    Clicking sound when ignition turned on

    Hi there, I've got a clicking sounds coming from the rear right hand side of the car when I turn on the ignition. Lasts for about ten seconds. Garage says it's likely to be the power supply control unit, which determines which battery to charge. Problem is - it's 557 plus VAT to replace...
  15. @MARK

    Rejected My 2012 C350 CDI- It just turned ugly

    So as many of you will be aware my car has suffered from various build quality issues since the day I drove it off the forecourt. This is my first Mercedes Benz. Previously I have run BMW, Ford and Volvo. Whilst I was somewhat disappointed with these issues on a "premium product" my dealer...
  16. Howard

    Look what turned up at work today

    Its pretty impresssive , and like or hate the monarchy ( I love 'em ) , it shows that when we put our minds to it , we can do things in style. 94 feet of beauty , the Royal Rowing Barge ' Gloriana ' ..... just built.
  17. R

    SRS warning light has turned off

    Had my wheels off recently for major refurb and until this work the SRS warning light has always come on. MB stealers claimed the sensor needed replacing at £303 but I did not go ahead with work as I have not had the car that long and wanted to get to understand the car and this problem. I've...
  18. dog68

    Ignition turned, Nothing happened

    Filling up at the garage, turned key, dash lights come on, but no attempt to start, so i pulled out key, locked, and unlocked, tried again and it starts, What could have caused this?
  19. neilz

    W124 petrol turned into a diesel overnight?

    I have two engine faults I have no idea about 1) Often makes tapping sounds when starts for first 5 seconds (not tappets) and when the car starts and the engine revs a tiny bit up for a second or two (as usual on a car?) it is accompanied by a fast soft tapping 2) Makes tapping sound like...
  20. O

    Secondary electric fan staying on after car is turned off

    Last night when I parked up after quite a short journey there was a high speed electric fan that stayed on after I turned the car off and it definatly wasn't the main cooling fan, it stayed on for a good 5 or more minutes then turned itself off, the car wasn't running hot and had only been on a...
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