1. lfckeeper

    Single click turning

    Wonder if anyone can help ... 2007 CLS makes a single click noise when going around corners (up to 30mph).To confuse things, I think it sounds metallic, indy thinks it sound like plastic. Had it in to my indy who can find nothing wrong, says everything is tight as a drum. Car drives spot on...
  2. Dannyallen89

    Rubbing noise when driving slow or turning left?

    Hi all I have a slight rubbing noise on my s204 when turning left or I hear it driving around 20mph or slower can anybody shine some light into what this could be? I had new pads fitted when I bought the car but not discs I'm thinking it could need discs or cv boot needing replaced. Also I...
  3. Happytalk73

    Permanently Turning off TA?

    Hello all, We've got a 2016 212 with COMAND. Since getting the car 12 months ago I must have 'un ticked' the 'Traffic Anouncement' box 100 times. Within a few days our radio/music gets interrupted (again) by another TA. So, back into settings I go and the TA box has a tick in it. Does...
  4. A

    Weather's turning cold

    Bad crash on the Cat and Fiddle road and the freezing conditions are thought to have played a part in the crash. Be careful folks :thumb: Cheers Ben :thumb:
  5. M

    Help! ---CLK 320 cdi --no reaction to turning key to crank starter position

    Hi all, 1st time for donkeys years I've benn stuck by a car which wont go ! :confused:Car parked up a week ago after 160 mile trip. I've never had this issue previously. Battery just a bit on the low side but is on charge right now. All dash lightrs as bright as normal and do not dim...
  6. D

    Head unit turning on then going off

    Well I took my CD player out to see if I could see what was wrong with the bloody thing. There wasn't a disc in it so I put it back in the car and now the door doesn't open and it doesn't come out. And the radio comes on and then goes off after a few seconds. So now I can't even listen to...
  7. Conquistador

    Turning DOWN a job offer

    Turning DOWN a job offer - advice please Having recently been made redundant, I've been frantically looking for another job and a bit of a change in career. I had a couple of interviews lined up with new positions and one has offered me the place. However, the job I really have my sights set...
  8. S

    W221 - AC keeps turning off

    Whenever I try to turn the AC on, it goes back to "AC off" within a second. Any idea why it's doing this, and how to resolve? Thanks
  9. bikesforme

    Turning abs,bas/esp lights off

    Replaced a faultly wheel sensor, and i have took the engine managment light and fault codes off with my code reader, but they have not cleared theses abs, bas/esp fault lights. Strange thing is when you start the car these lights come up and 3 malfunctions show on the dash. When u turn car off...
  10. ChrisCLS55

    Key not turning CLS55

    Well I've had a fun filled day... I set off for Middlesbrough at 9 in the Merc and get back to Newcastle at 12 having viewed a job. The drive was good, the car was running great. On the way home I pulled into Teams Valley to get some stuff from Halfords, when I go to lock the car nothing so I...
  11. D

    W210 Odd noise when turning right

    I wonder if anyone can help me pinpoint where a noise is coming from...:doh: When driving and I turn even slightly to the right (even at low speeds), I get a noise... Now, don't laugh but the best way I can explain it is "Awubwubwubwub" from the rear of the car. Not very very loud but loud...
  12. S

    New battery car still not turning over

    Hi I have a 2003 c270 estate diesel estate that i drive about1500 miles a year in.About a month ago I decided to take it for a run out which I did, when I got home I noticed the near side front tyre was low so i fitted my 12v pump and with the engine idling started to inflate it. After about...
  13. K

    Mercedes Viano electrics turning off.

    Hi all. I have tried to search but cannot see anything. Basically. When I turn my ignition on and start my vehicle, my electrics turn off but the engine starts and the vehicle runs fine. I just dont have any instrument lights, brake lights etc. Its like the ignition is not turned on. After a...
  14. L

    Strange vibration when turning left

    Hi all, I am new to the forum with a 99 c250 td. I have just posted in another section but this problem doesn't fall under the other section. I have a strange vibration that I can feel through the steering wheel and pedals when turning left only. It does vibrate a little bit when I am...
  15. D

    w208 - Slight groaning noise when turning steering wheel

    Hi folks My w208 is off to the garage tomorrow to have the tracking sorted, and I've asked them to take a look at a potential problem with the steering while it's there. Just to help me better understand what to expect, I wondered if anyone had encountered a similar problem. The issue...
  16. B

    '53 C320 Coupe - Rattle when turning right - CV's or W/Bearings?

    Hi, My C320 Coupe (manual g/box) have developed a quite subtle rattle when I turn right. Its quiet enough that I can't hear it with either window open, but when going around a roundabout at 20mph+ I can hear a rattle through the chassis. - I cant feel anything through the...
  17. D

    steering knock when turning the wheel e350cdi

    hi everyone e350cdi coupe when I turn my steering wheel from staionary lock to lock it makes a knocking type grinding it also does it when I reverse the car as well. I've taken it to 2 different mb specialists and they have both said it's solid underneath and all mbs make that noise when...
  18. V

    R107 squeaking sound when turning steering to the right

    I have an 1989 SL and when on the move there is a repetitive "squeak squeak squeak" sound or it could be described like a bird tweeting "tweet tweet tweet"when I turn the steering to the right. It seems to go faster as the car does It goes away when I move it back to straight ahead or turn left...
  19. Ryanloco323

    C250 squeaking when turning

    2009 c250 with 53k miles Newish disks and pads on all round but the car is making a horrible noise when driving and turning left ( squeaky break noise ) is it as simple as I think it is and actually is my disks warped or something off that kind ? Thanks ryan
  20. shaze30

    Wheels dragging when turning

    Guys got a problem with my w202 c43 Everytime i full turn left or right the wheels feel like they are dragging I had it laser tracked but is still doing it Any ideas?
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